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Superior Cooling, Density, and Sustainability

Supermicro liquid cooling solution can reduce OPEX by up to 40%, and allow data centers to run more efficiently with lower PUE. Supermicro has proven liquid cooling deployments at scale and enables data centers operators to deploy the latest and most performance CPUs and GPUs.

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Liquid Cooling Rack Scale Proven Designs

Supermicro liquid-cooled AI/LLM rack



Up to 8 GPU Servers (4U, 8 NVIDIA H100/ H200 GPUs per server) per 48U Rack (64 NVIDIA H100/ H200 GPUs in one Rack)

Product Qty.
Supermicro GPU Server SYS-421GE-TNHR2-LCC 8
Vertical CDM 1
Horizontal CDM 8
Switch 2
Supermicro liquid-cooled Enterprise rack

Enterprise Rack


Up to 76 server nodes / 19 systems in a 48U rack

Product Qty.
BigTwin (2U4N) 19
or 2U Hyper 21
or 1U Hyper (shown) 44
Vertical CDM 1
Switch 1
Supermicro liquid-cooled High-Density HPC Rack

High Density HPC Rack


Up to 80 server blades / 4 systems in a 48U rack

Product Qty.
SuperBlade Enclosure (8U20N) 4
SBI-421E-1T3N 80
Vertical CDM 1
Horizontal CDM 8
Switch 1

Total IT Solution

Supermicro is a “one-stop” solution provider for rack scale liquid cooling solutions. Supermicro’s delivers a complete and fully tested solution, including servers, racks, networking and liquid cooling infrastructure.

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Supermicro Solution Racks featuring 8U liquid-cooled 8-GPU systems

Liquid Cooling Key Components

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Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)

Supermicro CDU contains 1+1 redundant hot-swappable pump systems that circulated the coolant to cold plates cooling down CPUs and GPUs heat. The CDU cooling capacity is up to 100kW enabling extremely high rack densities.

Supermicro Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)

CPU/GPU Cold Plate

Cold plates are placed on top of CPUs and GPUs to cool down chips efficiently by letting coolant flowing through micro channels in the cold plate.

Supermicro CPU Cold Plate
CPU Cold Plate
Supermicro GPU Cold Plate
GPU Cold Plate

Coolant Distribution Manifold (CDM)

CDM are the distribution pipes that supply coolant to each server and collect the hotter coolant back to the CDU.

Supermicro Coolant Distribution Manifold (CDM)

Rack Integration Services

Accelerated time-to-delivery of plug-and-play racks with proven quality and reliability

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CDU Liquid Cooling Rack Management

Accelerated time-to-delivery of plug-and-play racks with proven quality and reliability

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SuperCloud Composer Software Management

Monitor the liquid cooling components and CPU/GPU thermal profiles in real time

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Liquid Cooling Solution Selections


Immersion Cooling

Rear Door Heat Exchanger

Case Studies

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory “Ruby”

Cooling Type – Liquid to Liquid (Direct Liquid Cooling)

Press Release: Supermicro Scalable Liquid-Cooled Supercomputing Cluster Deployed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for COVID-19 Research

Osaka University – SQUID

Cooling Type – Liquid to Liquid (Direct Liquid Cooling)

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Supermicro, with ITRI and KDDI Develop Immersion Cooling for Edge Data Centers

Supermicro, ITRI, and KDDI collaborated to design and build an immersion cooling edge data center.

Cooling Type – Immersion

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  • Reduce your data center costs and lower the PUE
  • Achieve higher performance from your CPUs and GPUs
  • Get higher density with innovative solutions

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