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Superior Effectiveness of Liquid Cooling with Proven Deployments at Scale

Switching from Air Conditioning to More Effective Liquid Cooling Reduces OPEX by more than 40%

  • A Switch from Air Conditioners to Liquid Cooling Technology Saves Energy
  • Additional power is saved by reducing system Fan Operation
  • 1 Year Average Payback on Facility Investment increases the ROI

Liquid Cooling Efficiency Dramatically Improves the PUE of Data Centers for High Performance, High Power CPUs, and GPUs

  • Liquid is fundamentally more efficient at removing heat by up to 1000x
  • Future generations of CPUs and GPUs may require liquid Cooling as air cooling capacity is exceeded
  • The Highest performance and Highest Density servers can be supported, increasing computing capacity per sq. ft.

Reduces Costs and Environmental Impact

  • Liquid cooling reduces power usage and lowers carbon emissions from fossil fuel power plants. Reducing the environmental impact of today's data centers is becoming a corporate responsibility.
Liquid Cooling Benefits Graphic
Why Liquid Cooling is Becoming Necessary

Costs to Cool Datacenter/Computer Rooms are Growing.

Latest Generation CPUs: 280 Watts

Latest Generation GPUs: 500 Watts

Liquid Cooling Solutions

Liquid to Liquid Cooling

Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling Diagram

Immersion Cooling

Immersion Cooling Diagram

Air to Liquid Cooling

Air-to-Liquid Cooling Diagram
Supermicro Offers a Range of Liquid Cooling Integrated Solutions

Direct To Chip Solutions with Rack Integration, Test, Burn-in and Onsite Installation

Experience with Active RDHx and Onsite Integration

Abundant Experience with Multiple Partners

Osaka University – SQUID

  • 1,520 general-purpose CPU nodes (3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors)
  • 42 GPU nodes (NVIDIA A100)
  • Supermicro SuperBlades®

Cooling Type – Liquid to Liquid (Direct Liquid Cooling)

Read More About Osaka University and Supermicro Servers

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory “Ruby”

Cooling Type – Liquid to Liquid (Direct Liquid Cooling)

Press Release: Supermicro Scalable Liquid-Cooled Supercomputing Cluster Deployed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for COVID-19 Research

ITRI x KDDI: Immersion Cooling Edge Data Center

ITRI and KDDI co-worked to design and build the immersion cooling edge data center in in cooperation with several global IT companies, including Supermicro

Cooling Type – Immersion

Play the video

NASA SCU14 Utilizes Cooling Doors

Cooling Type - Chilled Doors

Article: NCCS Expanding Discover Supercomputer to 5 Petaflops

To Learn More about How Supermicro can help you:
  • Reduce Your Data Center Costs and Lower the PUE
  • Achieve Higher Performance from your CPUs and GPUs
  • Get Higher Density with Innovative Solutions

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Supermicro’s Rack Integration Services Delivers Complete Racks, Tested and Configured

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