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Accelerate Processing Power Where It’s Needed

The edge refers to computational processes occurring close to the data sources at these locations – be they sensors, devices, or end-users – rather than relying on centralized systems that are common in traditional AI processing. This unlocks hyper-personalized experiences such as dynamic menu recommendations in quick-service restaurants, while also contributing to significant savings in data transfer bandwidth.

Supermicro and NVIDIA deliver Edge AI solutions that streamline deployment through pre-integrated components with optimized hardware and software for real-time processing.


From data analysis, monitoring, predictive maintenance, or personalization, AI at the edge will empower you to meet your business needs as they happen


Offline processing and inference enables uninterrupted operations in remote or disconnected environments


Understanding and responding to customer preferences in a more natural and engaging manner to create innovative experience, powered by generative AI

YouTube: [Supermicro] Delivering AI to the Edge

The Two Halves of Edge AI

The deployment of AI at the Edge can be for two distinct yet complementary purposes: predictive and generative AI. Predictive AI is the analytical powerhouse, leveraging historical data to forecast future events.

Generative AI, conversely, is a creative catalyst that uses underlying data patterns to synthesize new information, driving innovation and personalized experience.

Edge AI Types: Generative and Predictive


Leveraging predictive AI to revolutionize retail spaces

  • Asset Protection
  • Autonomous Shopping
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Recommenders & Hyper-Personalization

In the retail sector, predictive AI is revolutionizing asset protection. By analyzing patterns and identifying potential threats, AI systems provide retailers with preemptive solutions to reduce losses and enhance store security.

These calculations must happen at the edge to facilitate the real-time responses that are required to respond effectively.

Product Use Case



Our medium-size solution (SYS-110D-20C-FRAN8TP*) is perfect for retail stores to bring their asset protection analytics into a new world of predictive analytics.

* Additional models include SYS-110D-4C-FRAN8TP, SYS-110D-8C-FRAN8TP,SYS-110D-14C-FRAN8TP, and SYS-110D-16C-FRAN8TP.

Quick-Service Restaurants

Enabling restaurants to stay in front of the competition

  • Speech-enabled food kiosks
  • Food quality and operational efficiency
  • Forecasting & inventory

Quick service restaurants are embracing generative AI to transform their customer experience. Speech-enabled food kiosks, powered by generative AI, offer personalized interactions, understanding and responding to customer preferences in a natural and engaging manner.

Generative AI can offer upsell and complimentary suggestions on the fly or offer human-like customer service right within the kiosk. When combined with predictive AI that learns from a customer’s loyalty card history, each subsequent visit can provide deeper customizations and more delightful interactions.

Product Use Case



For quick-service restaurants, our small system (SYS-E300-13AD) would fit into many business models. Whether you are a high volume single building or a chain, this product can bring AI within your grasp.


Streamlining end-to-end manufacturing challenges

  • Workforce Health and Safety
  • Automated Quality Inspection
  • Mitigation of Skilled Employee Attrition

The manufacturing industry is leveraging predictive AI to address one of its most important and expensive challenges: workplace safety. Companies are using Edge AI hardware to connect data feeds from CCTV, machinery, and operational software to provide real-time predictive analysis of potential hazards.

Another significant application is automated quality inspection. For example, by continuously monitoring an automotive parts production line and feeding data into a predictive AI system, it is possible to provide real-time insights for quality control and significantly reduce the risk of defects.

Product Use Case



Our extra-large (SYS-221HE-TNR(D)) system can make even the largest logistical challenges in manufacturing a breeze.

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Healthcare & Medical Devices

Helping those who help others provide the highest quality care

  • Patient safety and monitoring
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Wayfinding

In healthcare, predictive AI is increasingly being trialed with diagnostic imaging, attempting to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of medical diagnoses by augmenting trained experts.

Another example, particularly in hospital settings, is to use generative AI for wayfinding - an application that enhances the patient and visitor experience. Digital kiosks and concierge services, powered by AI, guide individuals through complex hospital layouts, offering directions and information either on wall-mounted screens that follow the visitor’s progress or on updates delivered right to a mobile device.

Product Use Case



Healthcare comes in many shapes and sizes and our offerings can match those needs. Our large system (SYS-E403-13E-FRN2T) can assist hospitals or multi-site healthcare networks meet their patients where they are.

Smart Spaces

Elevating how people interact with other people and their environment

  • Crowd and parking management
  • Safety enhancement
  • Access control
  • Traffic management

Smart spaces, such as venues and stadiums, are adopting predictive AI for crowd and parking management. By analyzing real-time data, these systems effectively manage foot traffic and parking logistics, enhancing the overall customer experience while improving safety at the same time.

Product Use Case



Our small offering (SYS-E300-13AD) will revolutionize your smart spaces. Deployable in standalone applications or in multiple sites across an entire venue you will be able to meet your audience needs and enrich their experience.

Supermicro + NVIDIA: A Range of Solutions

At the heart of any Edge AI implementation is a robust and cohesive architecture that underpins the solution. Supermicro and NVIDIA’s collaborative approach provides just that – a comprehensive framework that integrates CPUs, GPUs, and optimized memory, all orchestrated within the resilient infrastructure of Supermicro’s systems.

The stack is engineered to ensure maximum efficiency and performance for deploying AI models at scale. Middleware solutions ensure that the systems are not only powerful but also intelligently coordinated and easily integrated into existing workflows.

Security, storage, and networking are foundational elements of this architecture, guaranteeing that data integrity and transmission are never compromised. The result is a scalable solution architecture that empowers end-users to unlock the full potential of Edge AI and edge computing.

Certain products may not be available in your region