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Proven high-performance storage architectures to support AI and ML workloads

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  • Proven reference architectures for AI and ML data-intensive workloads integrated with leading software defined storage ISVs including, Quantum ActiveScale, Cloudian, OSNexus and Scality.
  • Optimal storage architecture balances both flash-based parallel file system high-performance storage and capacity-optimized object storage for large-capacity, less–frequently-accessed storage.
  • Maximize your investment in AI GPU systems by keeping AI data pipelines fully saturated using high-performance Supermicro 2U all-flash Petascale servers. These systems have industry-leading capacity and performance using native PCIe Gen 5 performance with a symmetrical I/O design enabled by the AMD EPYC 9004 series CPU with 32 E3.S drives providing 480 TB capacity.
  • Supermicro provides complete rack integration to shorten time-to-value for on-site deployment enabled by Supermicro SuperCloud Composer which provides automated provisioning.

Supermicro offers complete, proven reference storage architectures optimized for performance and capacity to support data intensive workloads including AI, machine learning, HPC, and analytics. These solutions are deployed on Supermicro’s AMD-powered Petascale servers which have an industry leading 32 E3.S drives enabling up to 480 TB of all-flash storage.

Unlocking Your Data: Optimized Storage to Accelerate Your AI Data Pipeline

Is your infrastructure struggling to keep up with the I/O demands for AI and ML?

Supermicro offers complete, proven reference storage architectures built for performance and capacity of todays and tomorrow’s workloads.

Watch our webinar with experts from Supermicro and WEKA, where you’ll learn:

  • How to balance high performance with large capacity data delivery requirements
  • How Supermicro and WEKA collaboration leads to validated and integrated software-defined storage, shortening deployment with Supermicro’s rack-scale integration process
  • How Petascale class servers deliver exceptional performance and capacity with 32 E3.S drives enabling up to 491.52 TB* raw capacity of all-flash storage

*Raw value is based on vendor raw base capacity of 15.36 TB. TB is base-10 decimal.

Watch Webinar

Webinar – Unlocking Your Data: Optimized Storage to Accelerate Your AI Data Pipeline (BrightTalk)

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