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X12 4U/90 Storage Twin Server

High Density Dual Storage Servers for Scale-Out Object

The Supermicro SuperStorage SSG-640SP-DE1CR90 is a 90-bay storage server which contains two dual-socket Intel 3rd Generation Xeon® Scalable processors. The split-mode, shared-nothing architecture of the SuperStorage server enables the system to provide two Cloudian nodes and up to 1.620PB (raw) capacity across both nodes.

The key benefits of the Cloudian HyperStore using the Supermicro SuperStorage server are:

  • High Capacity of up to 1.62PB per 4U
  • High performance dual processor nodes using Intel Xeon Scalable processors with 24 cores per server.
  • Scalable building block with each SuperStorage system providing two Cloudian nodes.
  • High availability design with hot-swap disk drives, power supplies and fans.

HyperStore 4400 Appliance