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MicroBlade® Configuration Matrix
EnclosurePower Supply***Blade Module CapacityIntel-based BladeAMD-Based BladeModuleRemark
MBE-314E14 BladesN/ASupport up to:
  • 1 CMM
  • 2 switches
  • 4x 1600W (MBE-628L-416) (EOL)
  • 8x 1600W (MBE-628L-816) (EOL)
28 BladesN/ASupport up to:
  • 1 CMM
  • 4 switches
MBE-628E28 BladesN/ASupport up to:
  • 2 CMMs
  • 2 switches

* MBE-628L enclosure supports one CMM, the blade BMC redundant will be de-activated.
MBE-628L enclosure supports 1GbE or 2.5GbE switch.
All of the NICs for MBI-6128R-T2/T2X, MBI-6118G-T41X, MBI-6218G-T41X connect to A1 switch.

** MBE-628E/314E enclosure supports up to 2 switches, each switch supports 56 ports.
There are total 2 switches per MBE-628E/314E will be needed to support all of 1st NIC of Atom nodes, the 2nd NIC for each Atom nodes will not be able to enable.

*** Power supply's available power. For example, 4x 2000W means total available power is 8000W @ 220V input power.
Check the Power Supply page for output power.

**** One CMM support only

***** Need to work with PWS-2K01A-BR

^ Support MBM-GEM-004 (GEM-004 can support only single-node servers with dual ports in 6U enclosure)

Please contact sales rep.

MicroBlade® Thermal Matrix
Model NameMotherboardMax. CPU TDPPSUCPU Heat Sink
MBI-310T-4T2NB3ST1-CPU-00195W***1.6KW**** /2.0KW/2.2KWSNK-P1040V
MBI-310T-4C2B3ST1-CPU-00195W***1.6KW**** /2.0KW/2.2KWSNK-P1040V
MBI-6219M-2NB2SC2-TF95W***1.6KW**** /2.0KW/2.2KWSNK-P1040V
MBI-6119M-C2B2SC1-CPU95W***1.6KW**** /2.0KW/2.2KWSNK-P1040V
MBI-6119M-T2NB2SC1-CPU95W***1.6KW**** /2.0KW/2.2KWSNK-P1040V
MBI-6119G-T8HX (EOL)B2SS1-H-MTF65W2.0KW/2.2KWIncluded
MBI-6219G-T8HX (EOL)B2SS2-H-MTF65W2.0KW/2.2KWIncluded
MBI-6119G-T7LX (EOL)B2SS1-MTF45W1.6KW/2.0KW/2.2KWIncluded
MBI-6219G-T7LX (EOL)B2SS1-MTF45W1.6KW/2.0KW/2.2KWIncluded
  • SNK-P0047PSR
  • SNK-P0047PSRK
  • SNK-P0047PSR
  • SNK-P0047PSRK
  • SNK-P0047PSR
  • SNK-P0047PSRK
  • SNK-P0047PSR
  • SNK-P0047PSRK
MBI-6118G-T81X (EOL)B1SD1-16C-TF65W1.6KW/2.0KW/2.2KWIncluded
MBI-6118G-T41X (EOL)B1SD1-TF45W1.6KW/2.0KW/2.2KWIncluded
MBI-6118D-T2H (EOL)B1SL1-HF84W1.6KW/2.0KW/2.2KWSNK-P0047PSR
MBI-6118D-T4H (EOL)B1SL1-HF84W1.6KW/2.0KW/2.2KWSNK-P0047PSR
MBI-6118D-T2 (EOL)B1SL1-F84W1.6KW/2.0KW/2.2KWSNK-P0047PSR
MBI-6118D-T4 (EOL)B1SL1-F84W1.6KW/2.0KW/2.2KWSNK-P0047PSR
MBI-6128R-T2XB1DRi90W/120W1.6KW (90W CPU)
2.0KW/2.2KW (120W CPU)
SNK-P0047PSRM (CPU2 Front) / SNK-P0047PSR or SNK-P0047PSRK (CPU1 Rear)
MBI-6128R-T2B1DRi90W/120W1.6KW (90W CPU)
2.0KW/2.2KW (120W CPU)
SNK-P0047PSRM (CPU2 Front) / SNK-P0047PSR or SNK-P0047PSRK (CPU1 Rear)
MBI-6418A-T7H (EOL)B1SA4-2750F20W1.6KWIncluded
MBI-6418A-T5H (EOL)B1SA4-2550F14W1.6KWIncluded

* To support E3-1285 V6, environment temperature of 25°C/77°F, 2.0KW (AC/DC) or higher Power Supply and 2x 7mm HDD or less are mandatory.

** 1.6KW @ 30°C with 2 SSD Installed or 2.0KW (AC/DC) or higher Power Supply is mandatory. To support E3-1285 V6, please contact Sales Rep. or Technical Support for thermal limitation.

*** To support 95W CPU, environment temperature of 23°C/73°F and 2.0KW (AC/DC) or higher Power Supply are mandatory.

**** Please contact Sales Rep. or Technical Support for thermal limitation.