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Add-on Card AOC-SOZCR1
Super Micro Computer, Inc.
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Add-on Card

Supermicro Socket DIMM All-in-One Zero-Channel RAID Card (AOC-SOZCR1)
This product is only available through Supermicro.
Key Features
  • 3.2" x 3.8" (W x H)
  • Intel 400 MHz Verde I/O Processor
RAID Levels
  • 0, 1, 5, 10 and JBOD
  • 50 (SAS Only)
Cache Memory
  • 64 MB onboard ECC DDR MEmory
Bus Type
  • 64-bit / 100MHz PCI-X
Key RAID Features
  • RAID detection, buildup, delete, error detection
  • Disk initialization and verification
  • Hot-spare disk drive support for easy replacement
  • Hot-spare disk support with automatic rebuild
Driver CD Download [ FTP Site ]
User's Guide [ Download ] (2.77 MB)
All-in-One ZCR Presentation [ Download ] (5.4 MB)

Compatible Products
Motherboard X6DHR-3G2 (SAS)



NOTE: The AOC-SOZCR1 is compatible ONLY with these motherboards.
System SS6014H-32 (SAS)

SS6014H-T (SATA)

SS6012P-8 (SCSI)
SS6013L-8 (SCSI)
SS6013P-8 (SCSI)
SS6013P-8+ (SCSI)
SS6014A-8 (SCSI)
SS6014H-8 (SCSI)
SS6014H-82 (SCSI)
SS6014H-X8 (SCSI)
SS6014L-M4 (SCSI)
SS6015B-8+V (SCSI)
SS6023L-8R (SCSI)
• AS1020A-8 (SCSI)

NOTE: The AOC-SOZCR1 is compatible ONLY with these systems.
Compatible Controllers
  • Adaptec SAS Host Controller (AIC-9410)
  • Marvell Hercules-2 SATA Host Controller (AIC-8130 or AIC-8140)
  • Adaptec Ultra320 SCSI Host Controller (AIC-7901 or AIC-7902)
Support / Advantages
  • Supports SAS, SATA and SCSI modes (interchangeable via jumper settings)
  • Utilizes motherboard's existing SAS / SATA / SCSI I/O host controllers.
  • Eliminates the need of a SAS / SATA / SCSI I/O chip on motherboard. Saves on cost of a regular RAID card.
  • Offers high-speed throughput, scalability and space-saving/cost-effective hardware RAID solution
Compatible Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP / 2000 / 2003
  • Linux SuSE 9.0 / 9.1 / 9.2, RedHat 3.0 / 4.0
Management Software
  • Storage Management (ASM)
  • Flash Utility (AFU)
  • Configuration Utility (ACU)
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