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OS Compatibility Chart
32 bit Windows OS (There are CPU/Memory limitations, please see legend below)
Windows 8.1 Enterprise                    
Windows 10                    
32 bit Linux OS
Fedora 24                    
Fedora 25                    
SuSE SLES 11 SP4                    
Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS                    
Ubuntu 16.10                    
FreeBSD 10.3                    
FreeBSD 11                    
64 bit Windows OS (There are CPU/Memory limitations, please see legend below)
Windows 8.1 Enterprise     YesA2 YesC1 YesA2 YesA3   YesA5   YesA2
Windows 10 YesC1A5 YesA3,2 YesA2 YesC1 YesA3,5 YesA3,5 YesA3 YesA5 YesA4 YesA2
Windows Server 2012 R2 [2] YesC1 YesA3   YesC1 YesA3 YesA3 YesA3 YesA5 YesA4 YesA2
Windows Server 2016 YesC1A3 YesA3 YesA3 YesC1 YesA2 YesC1 YesA2,5 YesA2,4,5 YesA4 YesA3
Windows Server 2019     YesA5   YesA5   YesA5 YesA2   YesA2
Hyper-V Server 2016 YesA3   YesA2 YesA5     YesA2 YesA5   YesA2
64 bit Linux OS
RedHat Linux EL 6.9 YesC1 YesA2 YesA3 YesA2,5 YesA3 YesA3 YesA5   YesA3  
RedHat Linux EL 6.10             YesA5     YesA2
RedHat Linux EL 7.3 YesC1A3,5 YesA2 YesA3 YesA2 YesA2 YesC1A3 YesA2 YesA2,4,5 YesA3 YesA5
RedHat Linux EL 7.4 YesA5 YesA2 YesA5 YesA2 YesA5 YesA5 YesA2   YesA4 YesA2
RedHat Linux EL 7.5                 YesA5  
RedHat Linux EL 7.6       YesA3,4           YesA2
RedHat Linux EL 8.1         YesA2          
RedHat Linux EL 8.2         YesA2          
Fedora 24     YesA3   YesA2 YesA3 YesA2 YesA5    
Fedora 25   YesA3 YesA3 YesA2 YesA2 YesA3 YesA2 YesA5 YesA3 YesA2
Fedora 26       YesA2         YesA3 YesA2
SuSE Leap 42.1           YesA3 YesA2      
SuSE Leap 42.2 YesA2 YesA2     YesA2 YesA2   YesA5    
SuSE Leap 42.3       YesA2         YesA2 YesA2
SuSE SLES 11 SP4 YesA3 YesA2 YesA3 YesA2 YesA3 YesA2 YesA3 YesA5 YesA3  
SuSE SLES 12 SP1             YesA2      
SuSE SLES 12 SP2 YesC1 YesA2 YesA3 YesA2 YesA2 YesA3   YesA5 YesA2  
SuSE SLES 12 SP4       YesA5            
SuSE SLES 12 SP5                   YesA2
SuSE SLES 15 SP1       YesA5           YesA2
Ubuntu 16.04             YesA3      
Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS YesA2     YesC1 YesA2 YesA2   YesA5   YesA2
Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS YesA2                  
Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS                 YesA2  
Ubuntu 16.10 YesA2         YesA2 YesA2      
Ubuntu 17.04     YesA2 YesC1 YesA5     YesA5 YesA2 YesA3
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS                   YesA2
Ubuntu 19.04     YesA5              
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS     YesA5   YesA2          
Solaris 11.3 YesA2 YesA2 YesA2       YesA2 YesA5   YesA2
Solaris 11.4           YesA5        
Oracle Linux 7.2             YesA3      
Oracle Linux 7.3     YesA2 YesC1 YesA3 YesA2   YesA5 YesA3 YesA3
FreeBSD 10.3 YesA3 YesA2 YesA3 YesC1 YesA2 YesA2 YesA3 YesA5 YesA3 YesA2
FreeBSD 11 YesA3 YesA2 YesA3 YesC1 YesA2 YesA2 YesA3 YesA5   YesA2
FreeBSD 11.1                 YesA2  
CentOS 7.3 YesA2 YesA3 YesA2 YesA2 YesA2 YesA3   YesA5 YesA2 YesA2
CentOS 7.4       YesA5     YesA5      
CentOS 7.6       YesA3,4            
CentOS 8.1         YesA2          
CentOS 8.2 YesA5                  
VMware OS *
Vmware ESXi 6.0u3a             YesA5      
VMware ESXi 6.5 YesA2   YesA2   YesA2 YesA2 YesA2 YesA5    
VMware ESXi 6.5u1   YesA2   YesC1         YesA2  
VMware ESXi 6.7u2       YesA5            
Vmware ESXi 7.0u1     YesA5              
Citrix OS *
XenServer 7.0             YesA2      
XenServer 7.1 YesA2   YesA2 YesC1 YesA3 YesA2   YesA5 YesA3 YesA2
Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64bit   YesC1                
Windows 10 64bit YesC1 YesC1 YesA3       YesA5     YesA3
Windows 11 64bit Enterprise
    YesA2   YesC1          
Windows 11 64bit Pro Workstations
Windows 11 IoT 64bit Enterprise
Windows Server 2012 R2 64bit YesC1 YesC1 YesC1              
Windows Server 2016 64bit YesC1A5 YesC1A2 YesC1 YesA5 YesA3C1 YesA3,5 YesA2 YesC1A4,5 YesA3  
Windows Server 2019 64bit       YesA5   YesA2        
Windows Server 2022 64bit   YesA2 YesA2     YesA2        
Hyper-V Server 2016 64bit                    
RHEL 6.9 64bit YesC1 YesC1               YesA2
RHEL 6.10 64bit             YesA5     YesA2
RHEL 7.3 64bit YesC1 YesC1 YesC1   YesC1 YesA3   YesC1A4,5    
RHEL 7.4 64bit     YesA5 YesA5         YesA3  
RHEL 7.6 64bit       YesA3,4           YesA2
RHEL 8.1 64bit       YesC1            
SuSE Leap 42.1 64bit           YesA3        
SuSE Leap 42.2 64bit               YesA5    
SLES 11 SP4 64bit                   YesA2
SLES 12 SP1 64bit             YesA2      
SLES 12 SP2 64bit YesC1 YesC1     YesA3 YesA3       YesA3
Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS 64bit YesA2 YesC1                
Ubuntu 16.10 64bit YesA2 YesC1                
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64bit     YesA5              
Ubuntu 20.04.4 64bit Server                   YesA2
Vmware ESXi 6.0u3a             YesA5      
Vmware ESXi 6.5 YesA2 YesC1               YesA2
Vmware ESXi 6.5u1       YesC1            
Vmware ESXi 7.0u1     YesA5              
XenServer 7.1 YesA2 YesC1                
CentOS 7.3 64bit               YesA5    
CentOS 7.6 64bit       YesA3,4            
CentOS 7.7 64bit             YesB3      
CentOS 8.2 64bit YesA5                  

* Motherboards were tested within system configurations for VMware operating systems. Please check VMware's system compatibility list for complete list of Supermicro VMware certified systems.
** Minimum OS tested with basic system configuration
*** Supermicro supports RedHat Linux EL 7.1 with Intel Xeon E3-1200 V5 CPU


  A2 - i-SATA/SATA (w/o RAID, AHCI mode)
  A3 - i-SATA/SATA (w/ RAID)
  A4 - sSATA (w/ RAID)
  A5 - sSATA (w/o RAID, AHCI mode)
  B1 - SAS (IT mode)
  B2 - SAS (IR mode)
  B3 - SAS (SR/IMR mode)
  C1 - NVMe
  C2 - NVMe w/ RAID
  D1 - UIO (Controller: LSI 2008 IR Mode)
  D2 - UIO (Controller: LSI 2008 IT Mode)
  D3 - UIO (Controller: LSI 2008 iMR Mode)
  D4 - UIO (Controller: LSI 2108 MegaRAID(4.x))
  D5 - UIO (Controller: LSI 2208 MegaRAID(5.x))
  D6 - UIO (Controller: LSI 2308 IR Mode)
  D7 - UIO (Controller: LSI 2308 IT Mode)
  D8 - UIO (Controller: LSI 3008 IR Mode)
  D9 - UIO (Controller: LSI 3008 IT Mode)
  D10 - UIO (Controller: LSI 3108 MegaRAID(6.x))
  E1 - AEP

  ^ - Only support with Intel Skylake CPU

  • Use Condition Legend:
    • DL: stands for Driver Limitation.
    • OR: stands for OS Requirement.
    • PL: stands for Project Limitation.
    • PR: stands for Platform Requirement.
    • PV: stands for Project Validation.
    • MS: stands for Minimum Support of O.S.

PS: The notes, comments and contents below may change without notice.

  • (DL001) Aspeed graphics driver supports Windows Server but not for client OS from Windows 11 and onwards.
  • (DL002) Some Intel NIC (e.g.,Intel i225V) do not support Windows Server but for client OS (e.g. X12SAE/ X12SAE-5… and so on)
  • (DL003) Ucmcx driver for UCM-UCSI ACPI Device (ACPI\VEN_ITE&DEV_8853) only supports manual installation on C9Z590-CG(W), X12SAE-5, X12SCA-5F… and so on. [FAQ:]
  • (DL004) According to the Intel latest graphic driver readme describes that support for Client OS Windows 10 and onwards only. For the Windows Server OS, it may install successfully but not be validated.
  • (DL005) For the specific platform (e.g., Tatlow-X12STH, X12STW..and so on) about the Intel graphic driver for the Windows Server OS, it needs the specified version to support.
  • (DL006) Need the Intel Network PV 26.7 to support WS2022 and 26.8 or onward to support W11 officially (subject to change without notice); may need to install the network driver manually on the 26.6 version because the install button is hidden. [FAQ:]
  • (DL007) Intel SST (Smart Sound Technology) driver for Multimedia Audio Controller (e.g., VEN_8086&DEV_A0C8) only supports manual installation for project (e.g., X12STN) [FAQ:]
  • (DL008) Need to install drivers manually for SIO, PSE, SoC NIC..and so on of the Elkhart_Lake_A3SEV-2C/4C-LN4 projects. [FAQ:]
  • (DL009) Intel® RSTe Virtual Controller Driver (VEN_8086&DEV_A37C) need to install manually for same projects (e.g., B2SC1, X11SCD… and so on.) [FAQ:]
  • (OR001) TPM 2.0 is an essential requirement for Windows 11 installation. [FAQ:]
  • (PL001) X12STL-IF and X12STL-F (Tatlow platform) do not support processor graphics due to Hardware design limitations.
  • (PV001) For the projects which have the suffix "F" which stands for BMC supported, would be validated and focused with the built-in graphic controller of the BMC Chipset mainly (e.g., Aspeed)

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