Add-on Card AOC-1UIPMI-B
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Add-on Card - Discontinued SKU (EOL). Please contact sales-rep for alternative options.
This product is only available through Supermicro.
Supermicro IPMI Controller Card - (AOC-1UIPMI-B)

- RoHS Compliant

Key Features
• H8S/2167 Baseboard Management Controller
• 1x Dedicated slot for proprietary addon card (AOC-1UIPMI-LANG)
• Auto-detects plugged-in addon card
• IPMI 2.0 Compliant (IPMI over LAN)
• Shares LAN controller with main board and uses out-of-band

• Supports hardware monitor for: CPU / system temperature;

   system fan & CPU fan status; and system voltage
• Supports Event Log information for hardware

   monitor events
• Supports remote management when system dead or in power

• Remote power control:

   a. Control through OS: Shutdown; Reboot; and Power cycle

   b. Control directly through buttons on chassis: Reset;

       Power down; Power up; and Power cycle
• Supports SNMP trap (multiple destinations)
• Console Redirection (text only) through LAN (SOL - Serial Over LAN)

• Supports DOS, BIOS setup, Windows 2003, Linux
• OS independent
• User, password security control
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