Key Features

  1. SAS3 12Gb/s and NVMe support

    1U Optimized for CloudDC motherboard with S-AIOM support, support MB size up to 12.3" x 13.4"
  2. 10 x 2.5"(tool-less) hot-swap SAS3/SATA drive bay
  3. SAS or enterprise SATA HDD only recommended
  4. 1U 10-Slot SFF Backplane Supports SAS3/SATA3/NVMe
  5. 1U 860W Redundant power supply Platinum level, 24Pin output
  6. 2x full-height & full-length expansion slot(s) 2x AIOM expansion slot(s)
  7. 4 x 40x56mm counter-rotation PWM fan(s) by default, 2 x as optional
  8. Support Service Tag for system information

Product SKUs
  • SuperChassis LB16AC10-R860AW
Form Factor
  • 1U Optimized for Cloud-DC motherboard with AIOM support, support MB size up to 12.3" x 13.4"
Processor Support
  • Dual and Single Intel® and AMD processors
  • 1.7" (43 mm)
  • 17.2" (437 mm)
  • 23.5" (597 mm)
Gross Weight
  • 40 lbs (18.14 kg)
Packaging (W x H x L)
  • 23.7" (602 mm) x 7.7" (196 mm) x 31.8" (808 mm)
Available Color
  • Black
Expansion Slots
  • 2x Full-height expansion slot(s)
  • 2x AIOM expansion slot(s)
Drive Bays
  • 10x 2.5" hot-swap SAS3/SATA drive bay
  • 10-Port 1U SFF Hybrid Backplane Supports 10xSAS3/SATA3/NVMe4 Storage Devices with 1x(2x4) + 2x(1x4) + 1x(2x2) Power Connectors
Front Panel
  • Power On/Off button
  • Unit Identification (UID) button
  • Power status LED
  • HDD activity LED
  • 2 Network Activity LEDs
  • Unit Identification (UID) LED
  • 2x USB 2.0 Port(s)
Systems Cooling
  • 4x 40x56mm counter-rotation PWM fan(s)
Operating Environment (System)
Operating Temperature Range
  • 5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F)
Non-Operating Temperature Range
  • -40°C - 70°C (-40°F - 158°F)
Operating Relative Humidity Range
  • 8% - 90% (non-condensing)
Non Operating Relative Humidity Range
  • 5% - 95% (non-condensing)
Power Supply
800W/860W 1U redundant power supply
Power Efficiency
  • 94+%
Total Output Power and Input
  • 860W with Input 200 - 240Vac
  • 800W with Input 100 - 127Vac
  • 860W with Input 200 - 240Vdc
AC Input Frequency
  • 50-60Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • 322 x 54.5 x 40.25 mm
Output Type
  • Backplanes (gold finger)
  • Max: 71.6A / Min: 0A (200Vac - 240Vac)
  • Max: 66.6A / Min: 0A (100Vac - 127Vac)
  • Max: 4A / Min: 0A
Power Distributor
  • PDB-PT116-SL8824
  • O/P: 12V/80
  • +5V Max: 25A
  • +3.3V Max: 25A
  • -12V Max: 0.6A
  • Platinum Certified  Platinum Certified
Regulatory (Power Supply)
Power Supply Safety / EMC
  • BSMI
  • CCC
  • CE/EMC
  • UL/CB
  • UL/CUL
Standard Parts List
  Part Number Qty Description
HD Backplane BPN-SAS3-LB16A-N10 1 1U 10-Slot SFF Hybrid Backplane Supports 10xSAS3/SATA3/NVMe4 Storage Devices with 1x(2x4) + 2x(1x4) + 1x(2x2) Power Connectors
Cable(s) CBL-CDAT-0680-55 1 NCSI,2x10F to 2x10F,IDC,PH2.54,55cm,shield,28AWG,RoHS
Cable(s) CBL-CUSB-1001-57 1 [NR] USB2.0,2x5,PH2.54 to 2x5,PH2.54,57CM,28AWG
Cable(s) CBL-PWCD-0160-IS 2 PWCD,US,NEMA5-15P TO IEC60320 C13,6FT,16AWG,RoHS/REACH
Part(s) MCP-120-00116-0N 2 Blank FH L-bracket with 4x4 vent holes
Part(s) MCP-230-00060-0N 1 1U AWIO top cover with 1 mylar for CSE-LB13, LB16 AW
Part(s) MCP-240-00175-0N 2 S-AIOM Dummy Cover for 1U chassis
Part(s) MCP-240-00177-0N 2 S-AIOM metal cage for 1U chassis
Part(s) MCP-240-00179-0N 1 1U X12 AWIO Riser card bracket (Left) for LA15,LB16,LB13 AW
Part(s) MCP-240-00180-0N 1 1U X12 AWIO Riser card bracket (Right) for LA15,LB16,LB13 AW
Part(s) MCP-290-00088-0N 1 SC119 Intrusion assembly
Part(s) MCP-270-11604-0N 1 1U chassis base for CSE-LB16 AWIO, Redundant PWS
Fan(s) FAN-0101L4 4 40x56,4 Pin PWM,Primary for SC809,111, Sec.for SC816,819,808
Front Panel FPB-FP116 1 Front control board for SC116 (USB 2.0 x 2)
Cooling Fan & Accessory MCP-320-00056-0B 24 40X56 rubber fan pin for SC819U, SC119U,RoHS/REACH
Cooling Fan & Accessory MCP-320-00066-0B 1 Fan holder with cable channel, 40X56mm fan, for LA15,LB16,LB13
Cooling Fan & Accessory MCP-340-00035-0B 2 Dummy fan 40x56mm for 40x56 counter-rotating fan (cost-effective)
Drive Tray(s) MCP-220-00188-0B 10 Black gen-5.5 tool-less cost-effective 2.5" HDD tray (no dummy)
Power Distributor PDB-PT116-SL8824 1 Based on PDB-PT116-L8824 to optimize 24Pin etc cable lengths
Part(s) MCP-320-00067-0B 1 Chassis base Air Foam block set (L+R) for Cloud-DC
Part(s) MCP-160-00028-0B 1 Mylar Cable Channel for Cloud-DC, X12 DDW
Power Supply & Accessory MCP-250-00009-0N 1 SC113 Redundant Power Distributor Cover
Power Supply & Accessory PWS-860P-1R2 2 1U 860W, Redundant power supply, 54.5mm width, Platinum with
Mounting Rail(s) MCP-290-00063-0N 1set Rail set, quick/quick, default for 1U 17.2"W for SC113/SC116,RoHS/REACH
Rear Window MCP-240-00173-0N 1 1U X12 AWIO Rear window for LA15,LB16,LB13 Redundant PWS
Optional Parts List
  Part Number Qty Description
Rail MCP-290-00056-0N - Quick-release outer rail for square hole short-depth rack (19"~26.4")
Motherboard (for CSE-LB16AC10-R860AW)
= Most optimized Chassis for SuperServer Configuration
Blue color = Compatible
Green color = Global SKU & Compatible
Red dot & green color = Optimized + Global SKU
SuperChassis LB16AC10-R860AW
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