Add-on Card AOC-S3816L-L16iT / AOC-S3808L-L8iT
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Add-on Card

Supermicro 12Gb/s Multi-Port SAS PCIe Gen 4.0 Internal Host Bus Adapter

The Supermicro HBA AOC-S3816L-L16iT features 16 internal SAS connectors, while the AOC-S3808L-L8iT features 8 internal SAS connectors. Both are designed for high-performance storage connectivity.

They use Broadcom’s 3816 & 3808 I/O processors for optimum performance with PCI Express Gen 4.0 host interface for increased bandwidth.

Each Add-On-Card supports up to 122 devices as HBA in IT mode via expander backplane.

This product is only available through Supermicro.

Compatible with Supermicro motherboards only.
  • RoHS Compliant 6/6, Pb Free

Key Features

  • Broadcom 3816/3808 SAS controller, 16/8 internal ports, 12Gb/s per port
  • 2x (for 3816) and 1x (for 3808) SlimSAS x8 black (100-Ohm) connector interface
  • Supports up to 122 physical devices with expander
  • Processor at 1.2 GHz
  • Supports 3.0, 6.0 and 12.0 Gb/s SAS data transfer rates and 3.0 & 6.0 Gb SATA
  • Supports MCTP over PCIe
  • UEFI Configuration utility
  • Supports HW Secure Boot
  • OS Support: Windows/Linux
  • Thermal operating range: System dependent (55°C or higher w/ enough airflow)
Dimensions and Weight
H x L
2.71" x 5.4"
0.25 lbs
Validated Platforms
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Parts List - (Items Included)
Part Number Qty Description
Add-on Card AOC-S3816L-L16iT 1 Supermicro 12Gb/s 16-Port SAS Internal HBA Adapter
Add-on Card AOC-S3808L-L8iT 1 Supermicro 12Gb/s 8-Port SAS Internal HBA Adapter
Optional Parts List
Part Number Qty Description
Cable CBL-SAST-1264F-100 - Slimline x8 (STR) to 2x Slimline x4 (STR), FFC, 64/64CM, 100-Ohm
Cable CBL-SAST-1265F-100 - Slimline x8 (STR) to Slimline x4 (STR), 64CM, 100-Ohm
Cable CBL-SAST-1271F-100 - Slimline x8 (RE) to 2x Slimline x4 (STR), FFC, 92/71CM, 100-Ohm
Cable CBL-SAST-1276F-100 - Slimline x8 (LE) to 2x Slimline x4 (STR), FFC, 76/76CM, 100-Ohm
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