Add-on Card AOC-SLG3-2E4T
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Add-on Card

Supermicro dual-Port Gen-3 Internal NVMe Host Bus Adapter

The Supermicro NMVe AOC-SLG3-2E4T features two internal NVMe OCuLink connectors for high-performance storage connectivity. This HBA card is built on the latest PCIe NVMe retimer technology. Streamlined for the growing demand for increased data throughput and scalability requirements across the enterprise-class server platforms, this is a cost effective storage solution that delivers maximum performance and reliability. Perfect for "near-line cache storage solutions" which allows data to be staged before moving down to its intended backend storage.

The use of this Retimer Add-on Card requires motherboard (BIOS) configuration. Please refer to the User’s Guide for the appropriate settings.
  • RoHS Compliant 6/6, Pb Free

Key Features

• Dual port PCI-E x8 Gen-3 NVMe controller
• 2 internal lanes per OCuLink port
• Supports 2 physical NVMe Devices
• PCI-E Retimer
• OS Support: Windows, Linux, VMware
• Uses 2 OCuLink Connectors
• Operating Temp: 10° to 55°C
L x H
3.79" x 2.71"
Validated Platforms
User's Guide [ Download ]
Parts List
Part Number Qty Description
Add-on Card AOC-SLG3-2E4T 1 Low Profile Dual-Port NVMe Internal Host Bus Adapter
Optional Parts List
Part Number Qty Description
OCuLink to MiniSAS HD Cable CBL-SAST-0929 - OcuLink v 1.0 source to MiniSAS HD,INT,PCIe, 57CM,34AWG
OCuLink to MiniSAS HD Cable CBL-SAST-0972 - OcuLink V. 1.0 source to MiniSAS HD,INT,PCIe, 70CM,34AWG,RoH
OCuLink to OCuLink Cable CBL-SAST-1002-1 - OcuLink v 1.0,INT,PCIe NVMe SSD, 13CM,34AWG
OCuLink to OCuLink Cable CBL-SAST-0974-1 - OcuLink v 1.0,INT,PCIe NVMe SSD, 37CM,34AWG
OCuLink to OCuLink Cable CBL-SAST-0818 - OCuLink v.91,INT,PCIe NVMe SSD, 55CM,34AWG,RoHS/REACH
OCuLink to OCuLink Cable CBL-SAST-0819 - OCuLink v 1.0,INT,PCIe NVMe SSD, 65CM,34AWG,RoHS/REACH
OCuLink to OCuLink Cable CBL-SAST-0847 - OcuLink v 1.0,INT,PCIe NVMe SSD, 76CM,34AWG
OCuLink to OCuLink Cable CBL-SAST-0820 - OCuLink v. 1.0,INT,PCIe NVMe SSD, 85CM,34AWG,RoHS/REACH
OCuLink to OCuLink Cable CBL-SAST-0848 - OcuLink v 1.0,INT,PCIe NVMe SSD, 95CM,34AWG
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