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This Server CANNOT Lose Data

Check out the latest video with Linus Tech Tips, featuring Supermicro's high-density multi-node GrandTwin™ servers running a high-performance clustered storage solution powered by AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series CPUs.


Supermicro Storage A+ ASG-1115S-NE316R E3.S Server Review

Supermicro develops impressive and innovative storage solutions, and the ASG-1115S-NE316R is no exception. It is a single-socket EPYC 9004 series server with up to 16 hot-swap E3.S Gen5 SSDs in a 1U chassis.


New Xeons, Who Dis? Emerald Rapids 8562Y+ First Look in Supermicro SYS-621C-TN12R

Emerald Rapids is an improvement over Sapphire Rapids which just launched 11 months prior. The fact that Intel is able to move this far in 11 months tells you about the server world competition. This is a CloudDC SuperServer SYS-621C-TN12R which is a perfect chassis for mixing different kinds of storage including PCIe Gen 5 storage. It is a 2U chassis designed to support up to 350W TDP CPUs. This server can be configured with two double width or six single width GPUs. Watch the video from LevelOneTechs for more insightful information.


Supermicro 4U AMD EPYC GPU Servers Offer AI Flexibility (AS-4125GS-TNRT)

Supermicro has long offered GPU servers in more shapes and sizes than we have time to discuss in this review. Today, we’re looking at their relatively new 4U air-cooled GPU server that supports two AMD EPYC 9004 Series CPUs, PCIe Gen5, and a choice of eight double-width or 12 single-width add-in GPU cards.


The 150-Watt 64-Core CPU - AMD Epyc Siena 8534P Review

This is Siena-based server AS-1115SV-WTNRT. Siena has 96 PCI Gen 5 lanes and it is amazing how much connectivity Supermicro managed to fit into this 1U server. It has 40 PCIe Gen 5 NVMe lanes for hot swap storage with two of the MCIO headers being hybrid to support to support SATA or SAS disks as well. This means no matter what disks you fill in front of the server, you will have more than enough bandwidth for line rate connectivity. Most impressive bit of I/O is actually around the rear where there are three full x16 PCIe Gen 5 slots.


A Look at the Liquid Cooled Supermicro SYS-821GE-TNHR 8x NVIDIA H100 AI Server

Today we wanted to take a look at the liquid cooled Supermicro SYS-821GE-TNHR server. This is Supermicro’s 8x NVIDIA H100 system with a twist: it is liquid cooled for lower cooling costs and power consumption. Since we had the photos, we figured we would put this into a piece.


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