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  • Kostengünstige ToR-Switches (Top-of-Rack), optimiert für eine Vielzahl von Mainstream-Anwendungen mit erweiterten Layer-3-Funktionen, redundanter Stromversorgung und Reverse-Airflow-Optionen
  • Unglaublich flexible und effiziente Open Networking-Plattformen, die eine Vielzahl von Linux-basierten Switch-Betriebssystemen unterstützen - ideal für Ressourcenoptimierung, Verwaltbarkeit und Skalierbarkeit in jeder Umgebung
  • Praxiserprobte Standard-Switches mit CLI- und GUI-Verwaltungsschnittstellen für eine schnelle und kompatible Bereitstellung in einer Vielzahl von Rechenzentrumsumgebungen
  • Durchsatz- und latenzoptimierte Switch- und Adapterprodukte, die führende HPC-Netzwerklösungen wie Hochgeschwindigkeits-Ethernet, InfiniBand und FibreChannel unterstützen


  • Ethernet-Switches für offene Netzwerke/SDN

    Open Networking refers to the disaggregation of switching hardware and software. It typically consists of (1) a bare metal switch, also known as white box or brite box, (2) a Linux kernel-based operating system, and (3) the support of standard tools for automation and other management functions. The resulting data center networks can scale more effortlessly, innovate at a faster pace, and cost significantly less to build and operate.

    The support of a true Linux operating system enables the same deployment model used by servers and allows the switches to be managed by the same automation tools that are typically reserved for servers. Network administrators who adopt Open Networking will find familiar switching and routing functions in a Linux kernel, and may leverage their existing frameworks and tools for seamless integration with VMware vSphere, OpenStack, and other applications, allowing the infrastructure to adapt and evolve at a faster pace.

  • Rechenzentrumsfreundliche Software- und Hardware-Funktionen für hohe Verfügbarkeit
    High availability has become a must for today’s datacenter leaf and spine connectivity network architectures. Supermicro meets this challenge with hardware features like redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, data-center friendly reverse airflow options, and proven hardware design. Software features like MLAG can further optimize network performance. All Supermicro Ethernet switches support Industry Standard MLAG to achieve active-active load sharing with high availability.
  • Supermicro SIOM - Flexibelster, kostenoptimierter Server I/O
    The Supermicro® Super I/O Module (SIOM) delivers up to 50% of I/O cost savings and freedom to select networking options from 1Gb/s to 100Gb/s through a Supermicro optimized form factor that is easy to scale, service and manage across a broad range of Supermicro server and storage systems. The SIOM also enables a higher degree of system integration and increased capacity by saving PCI-E slots that are traditionally reserved for add on cards. Download the white paper to learn more.

Optimiert für:

  • Unternehmensanwendungen
  • Datenzentrum
  • HPC
  • Virtualisierung
  • Software-definiertes Networking

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