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Designed for a Faster, Better, and Greener Hyperscale Infrastructure from the Edge to the Cloud

Today, the modern data center constantly struggles the balance between standardization for resource optimization and flexibility for business competitiveness. With the ever-growing demand of computing power, hyperscale data centers have faced challenges to deliver a highly versatile solution optimized for cost and performance while maintaining the flexibility and openness based on the commercial off the shelf (COTS) standard.

Supermicro’s MegaDC and CloudDC product families are the answer to the challenge. MegaDC and CloudDC are the key solutions for your next-generation hyperscale data center. With extended support of open standards including OpenBMC for version control, AIOM modules that support the OCP3.0 SFF standard, and power-optimized design, data center operators can enjoy the benefit of an open compute concept without revamping their existing infrastructure.

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OCP Technology Overview

OCP (Open Compute Project) is an open-design architecture aiming to redesign everything from the data center down to the server to improve energy efficiency, power management, and ease of serviceability. Facebook has designed data centers that do not require AC cooling and rely solely on free air cooling. Although the value of revamping the data center to be OCP-centric is obvious, data center operators often debate the ROI of redesigning everything.

Over the years, Supermicro has heard from its customers and continues to innovate on system design for hyperscale deployment. Supermicro's AIOM, with its OCP3.0 compliance and improved mechanical design makes servicing and maintenance easy, as opening the chassis for service and/or replacement is no longer required.

Platforms supporting AIOM/OCP 3.0 can offer better thermal control, resulting in lower cooling costs with a wide range of networking options in a small form factor, making it simple for deployment and easy to manage and service, with thermally-efficient components.

Supermicro Open Compute Solution Advantages

By leveraging OCP 3.0 design concepts, Supermicro is implementing AIOM into its architecture to offer an of-the-shelf standard solution with improved architecture:

Thermal Improvement

Since AIOM cards are designed to be installed at the same level as the motherboard (see the following diagram), versus the traditional PCIe which is installed vertically or horizontally on top of the motherboard, AIOM significantly increases the airflow throughout the system, therefore improving thermal management.

Easy Serviceability

Because the AIOM card is installed from the rear of the chassis (see the following diagram), versus the traditional PCIe card that is installed from the top, the opening of the chassis top cover is no longer needed to install or remove the AIOM card. With the combination of the pull tab and screw knob, it eliminates the need for tools for service.

TCO Optimization

With its SFF (Small Form Factor), thermal efficiency, easy serviceability and implementation of OpenBMC, Supermicro is offering a solution that decreases time to service and minimizes system down time. By adapting a solution with AIOM from the server to the rack and to the data center level, as the infrastructure grows the improvement to TCO will grow together.

An AIOM being pulled out from a server, demonstrating ease of use and maintenance
AIOM is designed to optimize operational efficiency with easy maintenance
Go Hyperscale with Supermicro MegaDC Servers

Supermicro unveils MegaDC servers – the first commerical off-the-shelf (COTS) systems designed exclusively for hyperscale data centers.

Optimized for large-scale, rapid deployment time and the highest performance, the MegaDC line of servers supports open standards like OpenBMC and OCP V3.0 SFF cards.

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Supermicro CloudDC

High-density, Tool-less Mechanical Design for Rapid Cloud Deployment and Easy Maintenance with DC-MHS and DC-SCM Flexibility

Supermicro MegaDC

Open architecture including a flexible AIOM slot (supports OCP V3.0 SFF cards) and OpenBMC firmware

Discover How Supermicro OCP Solutions Reduce Data Center TCO and Direction for Supermicro

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