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  • Kompromissloses 2-Prozessor-Design für Leistung mit Unterstützung der höchsten CPU-TDPs
  • Erstklassige Serverfunktionen, einschließlich aller NVMe- und Hybridspeicher sowie Optimierungen für niedrige Latenzzeiten
  • Umfangreiche Netzwerk- und Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten einschließlich Max/IO- und Ultra Riser-Karten


  • Supermicro Hyper-Speed and Hyper-Turbo Technologies
    Supermicro Hyper-Speed and Hyper-Turbo technologies are proprietary board level optimizations for extreme low-latency performance. These technologies are made possible with the latest VRM components as well as optimized firmware to focus on flexible tuning. With Hyper-Speed, the CPUs, memory, and PCI-E cards are pre-accelerated in lockstep mode for the most reliable performance. Coupled with Hyper-Speed, Hyper-Turbo allows server system CPUs to maintain maximum Turbo Mode frequency under intense workloads. The 5th generation Hyper-Speed Ultra servers (SYS-1029UX-LL1/2/3-S16) also set World Record performance mark with double-digit latency improvement on financial applications. Learn more from the white paper.
  • Unique Networking Flexibility with Ultra Riser Cards
    The Ultras Server family supports optional Ultra Riser cards to provide flexible networking solutions to maximize the availability and use of PCI-E slots while minimizing space. Ranging from 1GbE, 10GbE and up to dual 25GbE options; these options allow the Ultra Server family to maximize all aspects of system configuration possibilities in both 1U and 2U form factors.

Optimiert für:

  • Virtualisierung
  • Datenbank
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Niedrige Latenz/Low-Jitter (UX-LL SKUs)


Supermicro Ultra Server Form Factor


1U und 2U Rackmount
Supermicro Ultra server memory 32 DIMM slots


32 DIMM-Steckplätze, bis zu 8 TB DDR4-3200-Speicher oder 12 TB mit 16x 256 GB DRAM und 16x 512 GB Intel® Optane™ persistenter Speicher der Serie 200
Supermicro Ultra Power Features


1600W/1200W Redundant Titan (96%)
Supermicro Ultra management module features


Offener Industriestandard IPMI, Redfish-APIs, vollständige Suite von Verwaltungssoftware einschließlich SuperCloud Composer
Supermicro Ultra Dual 3rd Gen Intel®Xeon® scalable or AMD EPYC™ processor


Zwei Intel® Xeon® Scalable Prozessoren der 3. Generation mit bis zu 270 W TDP oder zwei AMD EPYC™ Prozessoren der 3.
Supermicro Ultra drives Hot-swap drive bays


Bis zu 24x 2,5" Hot-Swap-NVME/SATA/SAS-Laufwerksschächte; Bis zu 22x 2,5" NVMe-Hybrid; Optionale RAID-Unterstützung
Supermicro Ultra slots and Ethernet options


Bis zu 8 PCI-E 4.0-Steckplätze mit flexiblen On-Board 1/10/25G-Ethernet-Optionen
Supermicro Ultra global services


Weltweite globale Dienstleistungen


Ultra-E 2U

6x 2.5" Drive bays
2 Processors
Up to 32 DIMM Slots
Up to 1600W Redundant Titanium Level PSU

Ultra 2U

24x 2.5” / 12x 3.5” Drive Bays
2 Processors
Up to 32 DIMM Slots
Up to 1600W/1200W Redundant Titanium Level PSU

Ultra 1U

12x 2.5” / 4x 3.5” Drive Bays
2 Processors
Up to 32 DIMM Slots
Up to 1200W Redundant Platinum Level PSU


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