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Datacenter Innovation

Rising and evolving application performance requirements, multiplied by growing user bases, are stretching data centers to the limits. Concurrently, businesses are hyper-focused on reducing the cost of delivering on these new expectations. Supermicro is a leader in supplying rack-scale solutions to CSPs.

  • Complete Integration at Scale
    • Design and build of full racks and clusters with a global manufacturing capacity of up to 5,000 racks per month
  • Liquid Cooling/Air Cooling
    • Fully integrated liquid-cooling or air cooling solution with GPU & CPU cold plates, Cooling Distribution Units and Manifolds
  • Test, Validate, Deploy with On-site Service
    • Proven L11, L12 testing processes thoroughly validate the operational effectiveness and efficiency before shipping
  • Supply and Inventory Management
    • One-stop-shop to deliver fully integrated racks fast and on-time to reduce time-to-solution for rapid deployment

Accelerate Your Cloud: Best Practices for CSPs

Join Supermicro, AMD, and IDC experts to discuss best practices to grow your CSP infrastructure

Watch Webinar

Webinar – Accelerating Yout Cloud: Best Practices for CSPs (BrightTalk)

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