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Learn from industry leaders how and why they are building their own clouds with systems and solutions optimized for their specific workloads.

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IDC interviewed 3 leading enterprises about how they are leveraging owned enterprise cloud infrastructure to improve control, cost and predictability of their business.

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According to IDC, over ½ of the IT Spent on servers and storage is still driven by on-prem deployments, and over 70% of those surveyed said they plan to repatriate workloads back from public cloud to On-Prem Infrastructure.

We can tailor our hardware solutions to fit what we need… without paying extra money for it.


We want to make sure that we do more innovation, more breakthroughs from our end. From a business standpoint, we need to take the cost out and automate more.

Intel IT

Cost [of on-premises infrastructure] is one of the benefits, and the other is performance.

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IDC concluded the following are the common drivers for organizations to keep investing in on-premises IT infrastructure.

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The ability to define specifications for their compute and, in some cases, storage systems to optimize the architecture and system performance for the needs of core business workloads.
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By optimizing system configurations, all three organizations also optimized their investments by bypassing investments in system functionality they do not utilize.
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By maintaining control over system design and infrastructure management, all three companies introduced predictability of infrastructure performance enabling smoother IT operations and reducing disruptions.

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