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Announcing Android Cloud Gaming & Media Processing & Delivery Solutions Based on the New Intel® Data Center GPU, Codenamed Arctic Sound-M

Supermicro to Expand its Total IT Solutions Using Intel Data Center GPUs, codenamed Arctic Sound-M (ATS-M), to Deliver Outstanding Performance for the Modern Enterprise -– Over 540 1080p @60Hz Transcoded Streams Per System*

San Jose, Calif., July 27, 2022 -- Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMCI), a global leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking, and green computing technology, is announcing future Total IT Solutions for availability with Android Cloud Gaming and Media Processing & Delivery. These new solutions will incorporate the Intel Data Center GPU, codenamed Arctic Sound-M, and will be supported on several Supermicro servers.

Supermicro solutions that will contain the Intel Data Center GPUs, codenamed Arctic Sound-M, include the 4U 10x GPU server for transcoding and media delivery, the Supermicro BigTwin® system with up to eight Intel Data Center GPUs, codenamed Arctic Sound-M in 2U for media processing applications, the Supermicro CloudDC server for edge AI inferencing, and the Supermicro 2U 2-Node server with three Intel Data Center GPUs, codenamed Arctic Sound-M per node, optimized for cloud gaming. Additional systems will be made available later this year.

“Supermicro will extend our media processing solutions by incorporating the Intel Data Center GPU," said Charles Liang, President, and CEO, Supermicro. “The new solutions will increase video stream rates and enable lower latency Android cloud gaming. As a result, Android cloud gaming performance and interactivity will increase dramatically with the Supermicro BigTwin systems, while media delivery and transcoding will show dramatic improvements with the new Intel Data Center GPUs. The solutions will expand our market-leading accelerated computing offerings, including everything from Media Processing & Delivery to Collaboration, and HPC.”

Systems Tuned to Workloads

Transcoding is a critical technology for today’s media-centric world. The Supermicro 4U 10x GPU server is ideal for various industries, where multiple formats must be delivered to a wide range of video devices.

Cloud-based gaming requires significant computing power and the ability to deliver interactive frame rates to gaming enthusiasts. With the Supermicro 2U 2-Node server featuring the Intel Data Center GPU, codenamed Arctic Sound-M, android cloud-based gaming takes on a new level of performance.

Media Processing for Content Delivery Networks (CDN) requires fast and efficient delivery of all media types. The Supermicro BigTwin system with the Intel Data Center GPU will deliver multiple video content streams to consumers.

“The Intel Data Center GPU is a highly-flexible solution to accelerate workloads that have become an integral part of daily life. The combination of advanced media capabilities, graphics rendering pipeline, and an open software stack deliver the high-density, low-latency, and exquisite visual quality required for next-generation video conferencing, media delivery, and cloud gaming deployments. Supermicro’s new product offerings with the Intel Data Center GPU pave the way for rapid deployments in the market,” said Jeff McVeigh, vice president and general manager of the Super Compute Group at Intel.

The Supermicro Building Block Solutions® approach allows Supermicro to bring a range of products to market faster so that new technologies can be quickly incorporated into its server lines. For example, Android Cloud gaming with the new Intel Data Center GPU, codenamed Arctic Sound-M will support more interactive users than previously possible. The streaming performance will see a dramatic increase with the industry's first hardware AV1 encoder and open-source media software stack, compared with software-only video transcoding.

The Intel Data Center GPU, codenamed Arctic Sound-M is designed to be an open, and flexible solution for cloud gaming and media processing & delivery. This GPU will be supported by a full solution stack offering developers an open-source software stack for streaming media and Android cloud gaming, with broad support for the latest codecs, graphics APIs, and frameworks. With Intel® oneAPI for unified programming across architectures, the Intel Data Center GPU, codenamed Arctic Sound-M will provide an open alternative to proprietary language lock-in that will enable the full performance of the hardware with a complete, proven set of tools that complement existing languages and parallel models. This will allow developers the ability to design open, portable codes that will take maximum advantage of various combinations of CPUs and GPUs.

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