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Media Alert: Supermicro Delivers the Latest Product Updates in Live Presentations at Nikkei X-TECH EXPO 2020

Supermicro’s Japan Leadership Presents the Latest Storage System Innovations and Storage Solutions for Enterprise, Data Centers, and Cloud Markets

Supermicro will present at the virtual Nikkei X-TECH EXPO 2020 its latest server and storage system for AI, 5G, IoT, and enterprise markets. Nikkei X- TECH EXPO 2020 is one of the largest technology events in Japan. It brings together representatives from key Japanese and APAC companies to hear the latest global developments from leading hardware, software, and system integrators in storage and server technology.

What: Supermicro Delivers Live Product and Market Updates

Where: Nikkei X-TECH EXPO 2020 (Virtual)

When: (all times local in Japan)

  • October 12, 2020-11:10-11:40 - EnterpriseDX: Session No. E-1211
  • Speaker: Mitsuru Yabe
  • Topic: Optimizing the TCO meanwhile achieving both performance and efficiency improvement with the selection of the most suitable hardware
  • October 14, 2020-14:40-15:10 – Business AI: Session No. A-1441
  • Speaker: Akira Sano
  • Topic: AI/Deep Learning system optimization and its future development by Supermicro
  • October 16, 2020-15:50-16:20 - IoT: Session No. T-1651
  • Speaker: Hidetoshi Iwasa
  • Topic: Introducing use cases of IoT solutions that utilize intelligent edge devices


  • Mitsuru Yabe (Technical Marketing Director, Supermicro)
  • Akira Sano (Senior Director Solution Optimization Engineering, Supermicro)
  • Hidetoshi Iwasa (Senior FAE, Supermicro)