Add-on Card AOC-SLG3-2E4R
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Add-on Card

Supermicro dual-Port Gen-3 Internal NVMe Host Bus Adapter

The Supermicro NMVe AOC-SLG3-2E4R features two internal NVMe connectors (SFF 8643) for high-performance storage connectivity. This HBA card is built on the latest PCIe NVMe redriver technology. Streamlined for the growing demand for increased data throughput and scalability requirements across the enterprise-class server platforms, this is a cost effective storage solution that delivers maximum performance and reliability. Perfect for "near-line cache storage solutions", where data can wait until it gets flushed down to its intended backend storage.

This product is only available through Supermicro.
  • RoHS Compliant 6/6, Pb Free

Key Features

• Dual port PCI-E Gen-3 NVMe controller
• 4 internal lanes per MiniSAS HD port
• Supports 2 physical NVMe Devices
• PCI-E Redriver
• OS Support: Windows, Linux, VMware
• Uses 2 Mini-SAS HD (SFF 8643) connectors
• Operating Temp: 10° to 55°C
L x H
3.8" x 2.5"
Validated Platforms
AS -1123US-TN10RT
AS -2113S-WN24RT
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Parts List
Part Number Qty Description
Add-on Card AOC-SLG3-2E4R 1 Low Profile Dual-Port NVMe Internal Host Bus Adapter
Optional Parts List
Part Number Qty Description
MiniSAS HD to MiniSAS HD Cable CBL-SAST-0623 - Int Mini-SAS HD Cable for PCIe SSD NVMe, 12Gb/s, 45cm,30AWG
MiniSAS HD to MiniSAS HD Cable CBL-SAST-0658 - INT Mini-SAS HD CBL for PCIe SSD NVMe 12Gb/s 60cm 30AWG
MiniSAS HD to MiniSAS HD Cable CBL-SAST-0590 - Int Mini-SAS HD/Mini-SAS HD for PCIe SSD, 80cm 30AWG 12Gb/s
MiniSAS HD to OCulink Cable CBL-SAST-0850 - MiniSAS HD source to OcuLink v 1.0,INT,PCIe, 37CM,34AWG
MiniSAS HD to OCulink Cable CBL-SAST-0849 - MiniSAS HD source to OcuLink v 1.0,INT,PCIe, 57CM,34AWG
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