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Survey Report: Top 10 IoT Priorities in Manufacturing

Results and insights from an online survey of Industrial IoT (IIoT) hardware and software makers and service providers.

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Supermicro Brings Server Processing and Cloud-Based Solutions to the Intelligent IoT Edge

As the number of Internet-connected devices increases exponentially, local Edge processing is becoming critical to managing the vast amounts of data being generated and supporting innovative, targeted applications. Supermicro is leveraging advanced product design to provide flexible low-power, ultra-reliable computing, and partnering with forward-thinking software platform partners to build complete solutions for an array of significant vertical markets.

Distributed Cloud Computing Solutions Empower Efficient Retail, Industrial, and Health Care Operations

Intelligent Retail

  • Providing disruptive AI-based solutions to help retailers and restaurants navigate technological and societal changes
  • Improving customer experience using AI, augmented/virtual reality, digital signage, kiosks, and analytics
  • Enabling diverse use cases with an Edge architecture that supports many workloads on a single platform
  • Support for highly secure, Zero Trust, high availability systems to provide complete, optimized solutions – ensuring 100% uptime

Industry 4.0

  • Solutions for device connectivity and intelligence at the Edge, enabling streamlined operation and increased automation
  • Supporting AI- and computer vision-based controls to improve quality, worker safety, and increased revenue
  • Supporting real-time programmable logic control (PLC) capabilities in a highly secure software-defined environment
  • Reliable operation of a wide range of optimized compute architectures in extreme environments for AI at the Edge
'Health Care' graphic

Health Care

  • Local Edge computing to optimize the use of critical resources in emergency situations
  • Distributed Edge computing to implement contact tracing via real-time analytics
  • Remote patient monitoring, augmented by Edge AI inferencing, to improve patient quality of life and outcomes
  • Fanless, silent server hardware ideal for delicate medical environments

Intelligent Retail Edge

Graphic showing the various use cases of Supermicro systems in Intelligent Retail

Retailers and the hospitality industry have the opportunity to combine their physical presence with innovative technologies to create unique and valuable customer experiences, while they leverage new systems to optimize inventory and operations.

Edge computing capabilities including artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, and local analytics will make these new services happen. Supermicro has forged partnerships with retail IoT experts to bring complete, compelling solutions to market.

Optimized Supermicro Systems:
SYS-E403-12P-FN2T Configurable wall-mount Edge servers with up to 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
SYS-110P-FRN2T Short-depth rackmount Edge servers with up to 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
SYS-210P-FRDN6T Ultra short-depth rackmount Edge servers with up to 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
SYS-E300-9D-8CN8TP Compact servers with processors up to Intel® Xeon® D processors
SYS-E302-9A Ruggedized fanless servers with processors up to Intel® Xeon® D processors
SYS-E100-12T-E Ruggedized ultra-compact fanless servers with Intel® Atom™ and Core® processors

IoT Analytics Solutions

Leveraging Optimized Processing at the Edge

With SAS analytic solutions and Supermicro’s configurable wall-mount or rackmount systems, retailers can gain a complete view of their business and customers. They can dynamically create assortments based on customer preferences and invoke the most relevant engagement strategy for each customer. Optimize supply chain and retail operations at every step of the customer journey.

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Retail Edge Platform

Distributed Edge Computing with Central Management

The Reliant Edge Platform embeds the latest technologies in orchestration, virtualization and containerization combined with Supermicro’s ruggedized fanless servers to accelerate digital transformation, deliver immersive customer experiences and continuous operations in-store or restaurant.

Reliant’s Edge platform extends the Cloud with a web-scale DevOps infrastructure to automate centralized management, monitoring and delivery of legacy and next-gen technologies, IoT, networking and security, scalable across thousands of locations.

Solution Brief: Deploying Next Generation Initiatives at the Edge

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Edge Cloud Solution

Virtualization and Orchestration for IoT Edge

NodeWeaver bridges the gap between IoT devices and the Cloud/Core by delivering full data center capabilities in Edge environments with cloud-like flexibility and management – creating a reliable “Intelligent Edge” that spans Supermicro’s industry-standard hardware from the IoT Edge to the scalable Edge to the micro data center.

Webinar: Redefining the Intelligent Edge in Retail

Solution Brief: Intelligent Retail Edge

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Edge and IoT Networking

Secure, High-performance for any Environment

Leading technology providers including Supermicro, NodeWeaver, and NetFoundry have partnered to provide complete Edge compute and IoT solutions, with embedded, cloud-orchestrated, zero trust networking.

This provides built-in cloud networking and embedded SD-WAN functionality, while eliminating the extra cost, energy impact and complexity of separate networking hardware, firewalls and VPNs.

Solution Brief: Intelligent Retail Edge

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Industry 4.0

Graphic showing the various use cases of Supermicro systems in Industry 4.0

The increase of factory automation yields opportunities to drive new levels of efficiency. Process monitoring, continuous diagnostics, supply tracking, and robust security will keep production lines humming and intelligent systems will ensure quality control. Workers will utilize augmented and virtual reality to install, maintain and upgrade equipment.

All of these applications require on-premises, real-time processing, via compute engines and AI inference. Factory environments can be challenging for these systems, and Supermicro provides servers in a range of sizes to meet the specific needs of each location, including ruggedized, fanless boxes. Although these servers can deliver the needed computing power to the right places, software must be deployed and managed remotely, via the cloud. Supermicro’s software platform partners leverage their expertise in Edge computing and container technologies to create optimized solutions for the newest industrial revolution.

Optimized Supermicro Systems:
SYS-E403-12P-FN2T Configurable wall-mount Edge servers with up to 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
SYS-110P-FRN2T Short-depth rackmount Edge servers with up to 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
SYS-210P-FRDN6T Ultra short-depth rackmount Edge servers with up to 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
SYS-E302-9A Compact fanless servers with Intel® Atom™ and Xeon® D processors
SYS-E100-9W-IA-E Ruggedized ultra-compact fanless servers with Intel® Atom™ and Core® processors

Nerve Blue Remote Software Management

Edge Computing for Industrial Automation

Running Nerve Blue on Supermicro devices empowers businesses to make improvements in machine or plant performance and to reduce the cost and complexity of industrial automation.

Nerve Blue is a radically open software platform that enables machine builders and plant operators to centrally manage software running on Supermicro devices remotely from the cloud. This allows them to consolidate multiple software applications (Docker and VM) on one virtualized infrastructure and to remotely deploy and update software applications from any vendor.

Solution Brief: Easily Connect and Manage Manufacturing Floors Worldwide

Solution Flyer: Nerve Blue

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AIoT for Smart Automation

Ruggedized, Intelligent Modules for Manufacturing

Innodisk provides a range of smart storage and embedded peripheral modules to enable Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), as well as memory modules specifically designed for harsh industrial environments.

When paired with Supermicro’s compact and ruggedized IoT servers, and gateways, Innodisk modules enable robust and reliable local processing and storage that can be securely and remotely managed.

Video: Innodisk + Supermicro Extreme Computing

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Edge Platform for Industry

Data Connectivity, Analytics, and Application Enablement

Litmus + Supermicro provides customers with the hardware, software, services and capabilities to enable smart manufacturing with accelerated time-to-value. Litmus Edge is a modern edge platform that collects data from any industrial asset, offers pre-built applications, KPIs and analytics, provides the ability to build and run custom applications, and integrates data with any cloud or enterprise system.

Together with Supermicro’s powerful, fanless IoT/Edge gateways, the solution is pre-validated, pre-tested and accelerates the value customers can get from Edge computing for immediate business value across their smart factories.

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BIoT (Blockchain IoT) Technology

Secure Data Streaming from IoT Gateway to Cloud

BIoT is nothing like traditional user id/password-driven network security technology such as VPN. In BIoT all the data from IoT devices stream in the form of hashes only readable by their peers deployed in the BIoT blockchain network. This network makes the data immutable, decentralized, and distributed.

Using BDATA BIoT embedded into Supermicro fanless IoT gateway devices, customers can securely stream data to their analytics platforms, ensuring data integrity, security, and remote device management including enable or disable of USB and HDMI ports.

White Paper: Blockchain IoT Network

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Orchestration Platform

Industrial Digital Infrastructure Orchestration’s orchestration platform coordinates and manages multiple layers of digital infrastructure (applications, virtualization, networking, security, and devices) across the system lifecycle.

Using’s platform on Supermicro’s optimized IoT hardware, customers can easily provision their digital infrastructure for automated software deployment, upgrades, and self-healing for continuous operation.

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Health Care

SuperMinute: Fanless Systems

Small, powerful servers built to operate in the most demanding Edge environments

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Solution Brief: Easily Connect and Manage Manufacturing Floors Worldwide

Nerve Blue – An Open Software Platform explicitly designed for Industry 4.0

Read the Solution Brief

Solution Brief: Private 5G Network Solutions For Industry 4.0

CYRUS 2.0 from ASOCS on Supermicro Servers Built for 5G Solutions

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Deploying Next Generation Initiatives at the Edge

Leveraging Cloud + Edge computing to accelerate digital transformation

View the Solution Brief

Redefining the Intelligent Edge in Retail

In this webinar, Supermicro and NodeWeaver address challenges retailers are facing today, and discuss a new, integrated approach to IT and IoT management, network and security.

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T-Systems EdgAIR Powered by Supermicro Edge Systems

Supermicro is collaborating with T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom) on EdgAIR, an Edge Computing platform that delivers low latency for IoT applications at enterprise facilities.

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Right-Sized Systems to Support Intelligent IoT

Intelligent IoT Gateways for The Extreme Edge

  • Ultra-small systems for space-constrained locations such as convenience stores and restaurants
  • Fanless enclosure with a variety of I/O and networking options
  • Ideal for running basic workloads such as point-of-sale (PoS), video surveillance, and inventory management

Compact Servers for Mainstream Installations

  • Small physical footprint and superior acoustics for small to medium-sized businesses and institutions
  • Processor options ranging up to Intel® Xeon® D, plus networking and I/O options plus PCI-E expansion slots
  • Capable of running a variety of Intelligent Edge, SD-WAN, and security workloads

High-Performance Rackmount and Wall-Mount

  • Short-depth rackmount systems for controlled environments; highly-configurable wall-mount for demanding locations
  • Data center-class performance with up to Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, plus rich storage and full-size PCI-E expansion slots
  • Support for GPUs and other hardware accelerators to drive AI/ML applications and other demanding Edge workloads
Featured Products

E50 Ultra-compact Fanless IoT Gateway


E100 Compact Fanless Industrial Control Server


E100 Compact Fanless Server


E300 Compact Edge Server


E300 Compact Fanless Server with Intel® Xeon® D Processor


E403 Wall-mount Server with Intel® Xeon® D Processor (DC Power Version)


E403 Wall-mount Server with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor


1019P Compact Rackmount 1U Edge Server with 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor


210P Super Short-depth Rackmount 2U Edge Server with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor


Hyper-E Highly-Configurable Rackmount 2U Edge Server with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor


Intelligent Retail Edge Solution Brief

Verified hardware and software stacks that are easy to deploy and workload-optimized

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Deploying Cloud-managed Gateways, Simply and Securely

With Supermicro’s IoT Systems and Zededa’s Edge Services Platform, businesses can rapidly scale their connected device infrastructure with confidence

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