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Supermicro Brings Server Processing and Cloud-Based Solutions to the Intelligent IoT Edge

As the number of Internet-connected devices increases exponentially, local Edge processing is becoming critical to managing the vast amounts of data being generated and supporting innovative, targeted applications. Supermicro is leveraging advanced product design to provide flexible low-power, ultra-reliable computing, and partnering with forward-thinking software platform partners to build complete solutions for an array of significant vertical markets.

Distributed Cloud Computing Solutions Empower Efficient Retail, Industrial, and Health Care Operations
'Intelligent Retail' graphic

Intelligent Retail

  • Providing disruptive AI-based solutions to help retailers and restaurants navigate technological and societal changes
  • Improving customer experience using AI, augmented/virtual reality, digital signage, kiosks, and analytics
  • Enabling diverse use cases with an Edge architecture that supports many workloads on a single platform
  • Support for highly secure, Zero Trust, high availability systems to provide complete, optimized solutions – ensuring 100% uptime
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Industry 4.0

  • Solutions for device connectivity and intelligence at the Edge, enabling streamlined operation and increased automation
  • Supporting AI- and computer vision-based controls to improve quality, worker safety, and increased revenue
  • Supporting real-time programmable logic control (PLC) capabilities in a highly secure software-defined environment
  • Reliable operation of a wide range of optimized compute architectures in extreme environments for AI at the Edge
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Health Care

  • For smart city, infrastructure, utilities, industry, and enterprise deploying localized content and services
  • Maximum memory and storage
  • Complete solutions including BigTwin™ in the data center and Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform
  • Video transcoding infrastructure delivered and managed via containers
  • Localization and local caching of content such as ad inserts

SuperMinute: Fanless Systems

Small, powerful servers built to operate in the most demanding Edge environments

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Deploying Next Generation Initiatives at the Edge

Leveraging Cloud + Edge computing to accelerate digital transformation

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Redefining the Intelligent Edge in Retail

In this webinar, Supermicro and NodeWeaver address challenges retailers are facing today, and discuss a new, integrated approach to IT and IoT management, network and security.

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T-Systems EdgAIR Powered by Supermicro Edge Systems

Supermicro is collaborating with T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom) on EdgAIR, an Edge Computing platform that delivers low latency for IoT applications at enterprise facilities.

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Right-Sized Systems to Support Intelligent IoT

Intelligent IoT Gateways for The Extreme Edge

  • Ultra-small systems for space-constrained locations such as convenience stores and restaurants
  • Fanless enclosure with a variety of I/O and networking options
  • Ideal for running basic workloads such as point-of-sale (PoS), video surveillance, and inventory management

Compact Servers for Mainstream Installations

  • Small physical footprint and superior acoustics for small to medium-sized businesses and institutions
  • Processor options ranging up to Intel® Xeon® D, plus networking and I/O options plus PCI-E expansion slots
  • Capable of running a variety of Intelligent Edge, SD-WAN, and security workloads

High-Performance Rackmount and Wall-Mount

  • Short-depth rackmount systems for controlled environments; highly-configurable wall-mount for demanding locations
  • Data center-class performance with up to Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, plus rich storage and full-size PCI-E expansion slots
  • Support for GPUs and other hardware accelerators to drive AI/ML applications and other demanding Edge workloads

Intelligent Retail Edge Solution Brief

Verified hardware and software stacks that are easy to deploy and workload-optimized

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Deploying Cloud-managed Gateways, Simply and Securely

With Supermicro’s IoT Systems and Zededa’s Edge Services Platform, businesses can rapidly scale their connected device infrastructure with confidence

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