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Supermicro Solutions for Oracle Applications and Database

Digital Transformation With Supermicro Solutions for Oracle Applications and Database

Today’s fast changing world and evolving global markets requires businesses to change and adapt to new and unique situations with lightning speed or else risk losing out to those who can. To be competitive, Digital Transformation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Digital Transformation Begins With Your Data

Digital Transformation is all about data, and Oracle has been leading the way with the industries’ most widely used and adopted database platform and applications for data management and analytics. Oracle’s powerful in-memory database technology allows you to accelerate your Digital Transformation with real time analytics against live, transactional databases for instant actionable business decisions & insight.

Ensure the Best Performance from your Oracle Stack with Validated Infrastructure Solutions from Supermicro

Whether you are building a stack for transactional or data warehouse workloads, Supermicro offers the latest technologies from Intel, AMD, Nvidia and software partners like Nutanix, VMware, and NetApp to ensure you achieve the most performance out of your Oracle Applications and Database. Supermicro offers full stack infrastructure solutions, including switch, compute, storage, and backup in a seamless architecture to simplify deployment and scaling.

“Supermicro’s launch of certified solutions with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM across their server lines highlights the value and demand that mutual customers are experiencing from the combined solutions. Oracle and Supermicro’s collaboration focuses on helping customers to achieve great performance for their data center, cloud, and enterprise deployments.”

Robert Shimp, product management group vice president, Oracle Linux and Virtualization at Oracle

Reduce TCO While Reducing e-Waste With Supermicro’s Resource Saving Disaggregated Architecture

At Supermicro, we are strongly committed to providing customers the newest server technologies while reducing e-waste and minimizing negative impact on the environment. To Achieve this, Supermicro is pioneering Disaggregated Server Architecture on select server platforms, which separates CPU, Memory, and IO subsystems allowing for component level refresh cycles without needing to scrap other, functional subsystems. When viewed over a three to five year refresh cycle, Supermicro Resource-Saving servers deliver, on average, higher-performing and more-efficient servers at lower costs than traditional rip-and-replace models.

Supermicro Servers Certified for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM

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Supermicro Oracle Certified Intel Systems
For Oracle Linux 7.6 and Oracle VM 3.4

X11 Rackmount

Ultra SYS-1029U-TR4T
Mainstream SYS-6029P-TRT
Simply Double SSG-6029P-E1CR24H

X11 High Density

BigTwin SYS-2029BT-HNC0R
TwinPro SYS-2029TP-HTR
FatTwin SYS-F619P2-RT
SuperBlade SBI-6129P-T3N

X11 MP: 4 & 8 Socket

4 Socket SYS-2049U-TR4
8 Socket SYS-7089P-TR4T

Supermicro Oracle Certified AMD Systems

For the most recent Supermicro AMD OS HCL, please visit the
AMD Server OS Certifications Page.