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Optimized Building Block Infrastructure

A Total Rack Solution for Enterprise Kubernetes Containers, based on RedHat OpenShift delivering the turn-key simplicity of cloud with On-Prem infrastructure cost savings of up to 70%

  • Eliminates the burden of designing and deploying a custom in-house cloud solution with a preconfigured, pre-validated rack-level total configuration
  • Includes Server, Storage, Networking, Software, Management, Racking, Cabling and Power
  • A complete portfolio of Rack Level Solutions to meet the most demanding enterprise cloud requirements

Cloud Optimized

Reduce Development Costs

  • Predefined Solution eliminates need to design and build custom in-house configuration

Accelerate Deployment

  • On-the Rack solution deployed in days, not weeks or months

Eliminate Unforeseen Usage Charges

  • Flexible Business Models CAPEX or OPEX
On-Prem Cloud Delivers Superior TCO
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  • Support for hundreds of container instances with up to 70% better TCO than hosted cloud
  • Entry Three Node Cluster Config available at approximately $3,000 per month
  • The more you use the more you save – no hidden usage fees

Total Solution for Cloud Infrastructure

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Enterprise Kubernetes Container Platform
BigTwin® SYS-220BT-HNC8R


Compact Enterprise-Ready Kubernetes Cluster
90-bay top-loading SuperStorage SSG-6049SP-E1CR90


A Scalable and Flexible NVMe and Hybrid Storage Architecture
ToR Switch SSE-F3548S-SR


Application-Optimized Server Infrastructure

Scalable Solution

Multiple Rack Plug and Play Cloud Configurations for Optimal performance and scale
Performance Configuration


High-Density Configuration

High Density

Extreme Configuration


Edge Configuration


State-of-the-Art Technology
  • 2U 4-Node BigTwin system with shared power and cooling design to optimize space and power utilization
  • Intel Optane PMem Series 200 to increase memory density
  • All-Flash NVMe PCI-E 4.0 for Persistent Volume
  • 100Gbe network controllers supporting NVMe-oF RDMA Ethernet Transports
  • 25GbE network interfaces for Multi-Cloud Object Storage Gateway
Rack Scale Solution

Complete and Comprehensive architecture and repeatable step-by-step process for a turn-key datacenter

Rack Scale solution process diagram

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Admin Console

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Benchmark Tools

Container Storage

Operator Hub

Container Storage Dashboard

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