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Thumbnail: CERN Case Study

We have worked alongside Supermicro for many years, and their attention to the design and engineering of the Supermicro BigTwin® architecture has constantly increased. In 2021, thousands of compute nodes of the latest AMD EPYC–based Supermicro BigTwin platform were deployed in the CERN computing facilities. This illustrates the high quality of these systems, both in terms of performance and reliability.

Eric Bonfillou, CERN IT Facility Planning and Procurement

Supermicro BigTwin® Multi-node Servers with over 230,000 cores will bring up to bring up to 10 petaFLOPS of additional computing performance to help advance physics-event reconstructions, data analysis, simulation and support superior performance per watt.

More than 17,000 scientists worldwide are brought together by CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) to examine the smallest particles in our universe. Some of the largest, most complex scientific instruments are used to understand the fundamental structure of nature and advance the boundaries of human knowledge. Many of the discoveries already made at CERN have profoundly impacted several areas of everyday life, ranging from medicine to computing.

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