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#1 on the Green500 — Supermicro and Preferred Networks (PFN) Collaborate to Develop the World’s Most Efficient Supercomputer

How was this world-record-breaking system designed?

Supermicro and Preferred Networks (PFN) collaborated to develop the most efficient supercomputer anywhere on earth, earning the #1 position on the Green500 list (3 out of the last 4 lists). This supercomputer, the MN-3, is comprised of Intel® Xeon® CPUs and MN-Core™ boards developed by Preferred Networks.

When looking at the performance per watt of electricity, the MN-3 is ranked #1 in the world in the Green500 ranking. The MN-3 delivers a whopping 39.38 Gigaflops of performance per watt on a benchmark run that showed a total of 2.18 Petaflops performance. In recognition of this engineering effort between Preferred Networks and Supermicro, the MN-3 was awarded the “Number 1 in the Green500” certificate at ISC 2020, ISC 2021, SC21.

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