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CPU Information: 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors
For CPU information purposes only. Refer to the Product (System or Motherboard) Web Specification Page for Details on Validation or contact Technical Support.
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Platinum – 8000 Series
Gold – 6000 Series
Gold – 5000 Series
Silver – 4000 Series
Bronze – 3000 Series
CategorySKUCORESBASEALL CORE TURBO (GHz)Max TURBO (GHz)CACHE (MB)TDP (Watts)Maximum ScalabilityDDR5 Memory SpeedUPI Links EnabledDefault DSA DevicesDefault IAA DevicesDefault QAT DevicesDefault DLB DevicesIntel SGX Enclave Capacity (Per Processor)Long Life UseIntel® On Demand Capable
2S Performance General Purpose8592+641.92.93.93203502S560041111512GB
2S Performance General Purpose8580602.02.94.03003502S560041000512GB
2S Performance General Purpose8570562.13.04.03003502S560041000512GB
2S Performance General Purpose8568Y+482.33.24.03003502S560041111512GB
2S Performance General Purpose8562Y+322.83.84.1603002S560031111512GB
2S Performance General Purpose6548Y+322.53.54.1602502S520031111128GB
2S Performance General Purpose6542Y242.93.64.1602502S520031000128GB
2S Performance General Purpose6544Y163.64.14.1452702S520031000128GB
2S Performance General Purpose6526Y162.83.53.937.51952S520031000128GB
2S Performance General Purpose653483.
2S Performance General Purpose5515+
2S Mainline General Purpose8558482.13.04.02603302S520041000512GB
2S Mainline General Purpose6538Y+322.23.34.0602252S520031111128GB
2S Mainline General Purpose6530322.12.74.01602702S480031000128GB
2S Mainline General Purpose5520+
2S Mainline General Purpose4516Y+
2S Mainline General Purpose4514Y162.02.63.4301502S44002100064GB
2S Mainline General Purpose4510122.43.34.1301502S44002100064GB
2S Mainline General Purpose4509Y82.
Liquid Cooled General Purpose (-Q)8593Q642.23.03.92603852S560041111512GB
Liquid Cooled General Purpose (-Q)6558Q323.24.14.1603502S520031000128GB
Single Socket General Purpose (-U)8558U482.02.94.02603001S480001000512GB
Single Socket General Purpose (-U)5512U282.13.03.752.51851S480001000128GB
Single Socket General Purpose (-U)3508U82.
5G/Networking Optimized (-N)8571N522.42.94.03003001S480004044512GB
5G/Networking Optimized (-N)6548N322.83.54.1602502S520031022128GB
5G/Networking Optimized (-N)6538N322.12.94.1602052S520031022128GB
Cloud Optimized (IaaS (-P)/SaaS (-V)/Media (-M))8592V642.02.93.93203302S480031111512GB
Cloud Optimized (IaaS (-P)/SaaS (-V)/Media (-M))8558P482.73.24.02603502S560031111512GB
Cloud Optimized (IaaS (-P)/SaaS (-V)/Media (-M))8581V602.02.63.93002701S480001111512GB
Storage & HCI Optimized (-S)6554S362.23.04.01802702S520044044128GB
Long-Life Use (IoT) General Purpose (-T)4510T122.02.83.7301152S44002100064GB

Y Supports Intel Speed Select Technology – Performance Profile 2.0 (Intel SST-PP)

Intel may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice. Please visit or contact your Intel representative to obtain the latest product specifications. Intel processor numbers are not a measure of performance. Processor numbers differentiate features within each processor family, not across different processor families. All processors support Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT-x). Courtesy of Intel.