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Supermicro 8U GPU System with 8-Way MI300X (AS -8125GS-TNMR2)

Massive-Scale AI Training and Inference

8U 8-GPU System with AMD Instinct MI300X Accelerators

AS -8125GS-TNMR2

Fully optimized for the industry-standard OCP Accelerated Module (OAM) form factor, this system provides unparalleled flexibility for rapidly-evolving AI infrastructure requirements and simplifies deployment at scale. A massive pool of 1.5 TB HBM3 per server node erases AI training bottlenecks by containing even extremely-large LLMs within its physical GPU memory, minimizing training time and maximizing the number of concurrent inference instances per node. Designed with full scalability in mind, the system supports 8 high-speed 400G networking cards providing direct connectivity to each GPU for massive AI training clusters.

Supermicro Liquid-Cooled 2U System with Quad MI300A

Enterprise HPC and Supercomputing

Liquid-Cooled 2U Quad-APU System with AMD Instinct MI300A Accelerators


Targeting accelerated HPC workloads, this 2U 4-way multi-APU system with liquid cooling integrates 4 AMD Instinct MI300A accelerators. Each APU combines high-performance AMD CPU, GPU and HBM3 memory for a total of 912 AMD CDNA 3 GPU compute units and 96 “Zen 4” cores in one system. Supermicro's direct-to-chip custom liquid-cooling technology enables exceptional TCO with over 51% data center energy cost savings. Furthermore, there is a 70% reduction in fans compared to air-cooled solutions. The rack-scale integration optimized with the dual AIOM and 400G networking creates a high-density supercomputing cluster with up to 21 2U systems in a 48U rack.

Supermicro Air-Cooled 4U System with Quad MI300A (AS -4145GH-TNMR)

Converged HPC-AI and Scientific Computing

Air-Cooled 4U Quad-APU System with AMD Instinct MI300A Accelerators


The Supermicro AS -4145GH-TNMR is a 4U 4-way multi-APU system with air cooling for flexible deployment options. It features a balanced CPU-to-GPU ratio for taking on converged HPC-AI applications and is well equipped for a variety of data type precisions. In addition, a total of 912 AMD CDNA 3 GPU compute units, 96 “Zen 4” cores, and 512 GB of unified HBM3 memory deliver substantial performance for parallelizable workloads. The mechanical airflow design of this system keeps thermal throttling at bay in addition to 10x heavy-duty 80mm fans.

Optimized Solutions for AI and HPC Supermicro Systems with AMD Instinct MI300 Series Accelerators


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