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ILM + AMD | Behind the Scenes

As studios and streaming platforms continue to push the limits and create new immersive experiences for their audience, they look to adopt better and faster technology to help solve challenges faced across the media and entertainment industry. These include finding adequate high-performance equipment, supporting remote accessibility, moving large files quickly and securely, and delivering content on time.

Supermicro and AMD is the trusted partner for industry leaders like Industrial Light & Magic, offering solutions from powerful and energy-efficient rackmount servers that reduce render time, to desktop and virtualized workstations helping to deliver seamless collaboration for artists and studios.

Collaborate and Create Seamlessly

With the popularity of virtual production growing, studios and streaming platforms are continuously looking at ways to help their creative teams collaborate seamlessly between the physical and virtual world. Whether you require a high-performance desktop workstation or customized virtualized workstations, we offer a wide range of solutions to fit your needs.

Reduce Rendering Time

Rendering content can take weeks or even months for studios, and that is why they rely on render farms to speed up the process. Supermicro’s high-performance and multi-node servers with AMD EPYC™ processors offers high core counts and as much throughput as possible, in the most energy-efficient way – reducing render time and energy consumption.

Store and Move Data Fast

One of the biggest challenges in content production is managing large amounts of information for rendering and composition. It is extremely important for studios to be able to store and move terabytes of data quickly and securely. Supermicro works closely with our storage platform partners to offer unique solutions tailored to your needs.

Solution Optimized Products


AS -5014A-TT

H13 4U GPU


H12 BigTwin®

AS -2124BT-HTR


AS -1114S-WN10RT

Certain products may not be available in your region