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Supermicro and Xilinx Accelerate Performance for Data Center Workloads

Supermicro’s Xilinx accelerator solution based on the Ultra 2U platform provides the flexibility, scalability, and simplicity to run multiple different data center workloads without extensive outlays into fixed function accelerator supports changing technology, allowing customers to consolidate many additional requirements into a single platform, thus reducing overall TCO.


Extreme File System Performance on Supermicro Servers

In 2018, WekaIO set a number of benchmark records using the previous generation 2U 4-Node X11 BigTwin®. Now, Supermicro has launched next-generation X12 BigTwin hardware, featuring 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors and twice the NVMe storage & I/O performance utilizing PCI-E 4.0, increasing WekaFS performance significantly over the previous generation.


Supermicro® Servers Excel as a WekaIO Reference Architecture

WekaIO combined with Supermicro's 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors-based servers provides a stunning performance, protection, and data management for Deep Learning, High-Performance Compute, and high-throughput low-latency storage workloads. The Supermicro Rack Integration can fully integrate, pre-tested, tuned, racked, and be operational in less than 30 minutes after receiving.


Supermicro Servers Reference Architecture for Quantum ActiveScale

Supermicro, in collaboration with Quantum ActiveScale, enables customers to deploy any targeted size of Data Lake with great flexibility and scalability. Supermicro offers a fully integrated, pre-tested, tuned, and racked solution, built explicitly for ActiveScale patented Object Storage technologies to help organizations to easily transition from their legacy storage to Object Storage plaftforms.


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