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Achieving Exceptional TCO Savings with 8U SuperBlade®

Supermicro high performance, density optimized and energy efficiency blade server solutions can significantly reduce initial capital and operational expenses for many organizations. In particular, Supermicro's new generation SuperBlade® product portfolio has been designed to optimize key components of TCO for today's datacenters, such as free-air cooling, power efficiency, node density and networking management.

90TB DWFT For Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016

Supermicro® and Microsoft® have developed the first 8-way DWFT Reference Architecture based on Supermicro's 7U SYS-7088B-TR4FT 8-way system. It has achieved excellent scores in the DWFT benchmarks, and is certified to host a 90TB data warehouse instance.

Supermicro Multi Processor (MP) Validated Solutions for SAP HANA

Supermicro’s Multi Processor (MP) product line is a family of servers designed for the most intensive computing and In-Memory workloads for today’s demanding real-time databases, data warehouses, CRM and ERP Applications, and “Big Data feed into AI” workflows. The MP product family are rack mounted solutions powered by 4 or 8 Intel Xeon Scalable Processors in a single node architecture, with no latency-reducing cabling.