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SuperServer® Brochure (WIO)

Supermicro WIO systems offer a wide range of I/O options to deliver truly optimized systems for specific requirements. Users can optimize the storage and networking alternatives to accelerate performance, increase efficiency and find the perfect fit for their applications.


4U 8 GPU

The 4028GR-TXRT is Supermicro’s most powerful GPU Server delivering supercompute level performance for Deep Learning applications. It includes 2 Intel® Xeon® E5 v4 CPUs and 8 Pascal Generation Tesla P100 GPUs, delivering 170 TeraFLOPs of performance in a 4U system with no thermal limitations.

Supermicro at GTC 2018

Supermicro at GTC 2018 displays the latest GPU-optimized systems that address market demand for 10x growth in deep learning, AI, and big data analytic applications with best-in-class features including NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 32GB with NVLink and maximum GPU density.

GPU/Coprocessor Server Solutions Flyer

The Supermicro GPU/Coprocessor SuperServer® systems deliver the maximum processing acceleration for the most compute intensive workloads in the smallest physical dimensions.

Supermicro SuperMinute: Ultra Servers

Supermicro introduces its latest generation X11 Ultra SuperServers that deliver the Ultimate cost-performance, feature sets, and expansion flexibility to demanding hyperscale IT environments and mission-critical Enterprise applications.

24/12/8 UP Nodes in 3U Optimized for Web Hosting, CDN and Social Networking

The Supermicro MicroCloud modular server system provides the high density, performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness required for today’s demanding server deployments. The 24/12/8 modular server nodes are conveniently integrated into a compact 3U chassis that is less than 30 inches deep, saving over 76% of rack space when compared to traditional 1U servers. The cable-less, hot-pluggable server nodes operate independently.

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