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Virtual Booth
Experience the Supermicro X12 3D Virtual Booth

Join our 3D demo of the latest Supermicro systems in a 360-degree virtual experience. Visit the booth and get a chance to win a prize!

Virtual Booth Live on 4/6.

  • 360-Degree interactive virtual booth
  • Highlighted product TechTalks
  • Deep Dive sessions presented by industry leaders
  • Responsive 3D models of Supermicro servers
  • 1:1 direct chat with our product experts
  • Meeting scheduler with our sales team

Enter Virtual Booth

X12 Cloud-Optimized Systems


Enterprise Optimized Hyper-Converged Infrastructure


Open Architecture Cloud-Optimized for Performance and Scale


Highest performance with Advanced Networking and NVMe

X12 SuperStorage®

Application-optimized High-Performance Storage Solutions
X12 FatTwin®


Advanced 4U Twin Architecture with 8 or 4 Nodes


Highest Performance and Flexibility for Enterprise Applications

Performance Begins Now – Live Demos

Innovations in Performance/Cloud

5G Optimized Systems


Max 5G Performance at the Edge


Max 5G Performance at the Edge
Supermicro 5G Portfolio

5G Portfolio

Innovations in 5G & Telco

5G Edge Roundtable – Supermicro, Dish Network, Intel

ORAN Server Overview

AI-Optimized GPU Solutions


Supermicro X12 GPU Porfolio

GPU Portfolio

Innovations in AI Systems

Certain products may not be available in your region