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Report Finds Typical Enterprise Data Centers in the Survey Can Save Up to $38 Million and Over 350 Tons of E-Waste Annually

Are You Running a Green Data Center?

The data center industry has made significant gains in recent years. However, there are still many missed opportunities around data center efficiency and implementing green initiatives.

The second annual Supermicro Data Centers & the Environment Report details green practices for data centers, involving improvements to efficiency and the reduction of e-waste. Supermicro analyses the state of green data centers and builds on the work from last year by identifying key industry trends.

Some key figures from the survey results include:

  • More than half of data center leaders surveyed currently do not consider green initiatives when designing their data centers
  • Data centers contribute more than two million tons of e-waste every year. And over 80% of e-waste generated by data centers does not get recycled.

Read how Supermicro provides data center leaders solutions to reducing costs while helping the environment.

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“Although our data center industry is focused on efficiency and sustainability, we must and can do more. It is the only way forward. Every step counts, including economizing power consumption, minimizing e-waste and reducing environmental impact in order to support a fully green and efficient data center industry. This report is an informative advancement in this direction.”

Stijn Grove, Managing Director, Dutch Data Center Association