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Omni-Path 100G 48-port TOR network switch - SSH-C48Q/-C48QM
Super Micro Computer, Inc.
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Omni-Path 100G 48-port switch

High Performance, High Density, Low latency, 100-Gigabit Omni-Path Architecture, Meets the Most Demanding Application for HPC

Supermicro SSH-C48Q 1U 48-port top-of-rack network switch products supports the 100Gbps Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (OPA) providing a unique HPC cluster solution offering excellent bandwidth, latency and message rate that is highly scalable and easily serviceable.

SSH-C48Q products 48-port 100Gbps supporting Omni-Path Architecture leverages the Intel Scalable System Framework (SSF) to address evolving demands across high performance data analytics, machine learning, visualization, traditional modeling and simulation workloads. Designed specifically for HPC, the 48-port SSH-C48Q products offer 9.6 Tb/s total fabric bandwidth. High scalability with the capability of 27,648 nodes in 2-tier configuration. Supermicro SSH-C48Q products are designed to overcome the scaling challenges of large-sized clusters. The enhancements include:

High Message Rate Throughput. The SSH-C48Q products are designed to support high message rate traffic from each node through the fabric. That means the fabric can support the high bandwidth as well as high message rate throughput associated with the ever-increasing processing power and core counts of Intel® Xeon® Processor and Intel® Xeon Phi coprocessors.

48-port Switch ASIC. With a 48-port design the SSH-C48Q products provide improved fabric scalability, reduced latency, increased density, reduced cost, and lower power demand. It is the basis of the SSH-C48Q products capacity of 9.6 Tb/s fabric bandwidth and high scalability to 27,648 nodes in 2-tier configurations.

Deterministic Latency. Features in the Intel OPA optimize the performance impacts of large Maximum Transmission Units (MTUs) on small messages. They help maintain consistent latency for inter-process communication (IPC) messages, such as Message Passing Interface (MPI) messages, when large messages-typically storage-are being simultaneously transmitted in the fabric. Intel® OPA can bypass lower priority large packets, giving higher priority to small packets, creating a lower and more predictable latency through the fabric.

Enhanced End-to-End Reliability. The Supermicro SSH-C48Q products also deliver its own unique error detection and correction which is more efficient than the forward error correction (FEC) defined in the InfiniBand standard. Enhancements include zero load for detection - if a correction is required, packets only need to be retransmitted from the last link-not all the way from the sending node. This gives near-zero additional latency.

Datasheet - Datasheet [ Download ]
QIG - Quick Installation Guide [Download]
Manuals - Switch Installation Guide [Download]
- Switch Rack Installation Guide [Download]
- Switch CLI Users Guide [Download]
- Management GUI User Guide [Download]
Firmware - Firmware Upgrade [ Download ]
  • Port Attributes:
     - 48x 100 Gb/s ports - QSFP28
     - Optional RJ45 1G management port
     - Optional USB serial console port

  • Switching:
     - Switching capacity 9.6 Tb/s total fabric bandwidth
     - Optimized high message rate
     - Optimized error detection/correction and low latency
     - Capability of 27,648 nodes in 2-tier configuration
     - Virtual lanes: Configurable from one to eight VLs
        plus one management VL
     - Configurable MTU size of 2 KB, 4 KB, 8 KB, or 10KB
     - Maximum multicast table size: 8192 entries
     - Maximum unicast table size: 49151 entries
     - Passive copper or active fiber cables

  • Management:
     - Out-of-band management card (SSH-C48QM only)
     - Built-in Fabric Manager
     - Subnet Management Agent (SMA)
     - Performance Management Agent (PMA)
     - Enables Command Line Interface and Chassis
        Management GUI through 10/100/1000 Base-T
     - Enables Serial Console through USB Serial Port
     - Supports Embedded Subnet Manager (ESM) and
        Performance Manager (PM)
     - Enables Network Time Protocol (NTP),
        SNMP/MIBs, and LDAP
     - FastFabric Toolset
     - Fabric Management GUI

  • Dimensions:
     - 17.2" W x 16.6" D x 1.72" H

  • Weight:
     - 16 lbs / 7.26 kg

  • Power:
     - Redundant hot-pluggable 750W Platinum Level power supplies
     - AC Input: 100-127V/200-240 V, 50-60 Hz
     - Power consumption:
        210 W (Copper)
        380 W (All max 3W Optical)

  • Air Flow:
     - Foward direction

  • Operating Temperature:
     - 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Standard Parts List (Included in the box)
   - Switch
   - Power Cord - 2 (US style)
   - USB Console Cable
   - Mounting flanges (2)
   - Miscellaneous screws
   - Power supply dummy cover
   - Rubber foot-pads
   - Supermicro Omni-Path Adapter Card AOC-SHFI-i1C
Parts List
  Part Number Qty Description
SuperSwitch SSH-C48Q 1 Omni-Path Architecture 100G 48-port Externally-Managed Switch
SuperSwitch SSH-C48QM 1 Omni-Path Architecture 100G 48-port Managed Switch
Power Supply PWS-750F-1R 2 1U 750W Redundant Power Supply Platinum Level

Optional Parts List
  Part Number Qty Description
Rail Kit MCP-290-00063-0N - Rails kit for rack mount
Copper Cable CBL-NTWK-0892-OPC05
- Intel Omni-Path Passive Copper Cable QSFP28 30AWG 0.5M
Intel Omni-Path Passive Copper Cable QSFP28 30AWG 1M
Intel Omni-Path Passive Copper Cable QSFP28 26AWG 1.5M
Intel Omni-Path Passive Copper Cable QSFP28 26AWG 2M
Intel Omni-Path Passive Copper Cable QSFP28 26AWG 3M
Fiber Cable CBL-NTWK-0892-OPF30
- Intel Omni-Path Active Fiber Cable QSFP28-MPO 3M
Intel Omni-Path Active Fiber Cable QSFP28-MPO 5M
Intel Omni-Path Active Fiber Cable QSFP28-MPO 10M
Intel Omni-Path Active Fiber Cable QSFP28-MPO 15M
Intel Omni-Path Active Fiber Cable QSFP28-MPO 20M
Intel Omni-Path Active Fiber Cable QSFP28-MPO 30M
Intel Omni-Path Active Fiber Cable QSFP28-MPO 40M
Intel Omni-Path Active Fiber Cable QSFP28-MPO 50M
Intel Omni-Path Active Fiber Cable QSFP28-MPO 60M
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