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X13 Server Solutions

Supermicro X13 Generation Comprehensive Server, Storage and Networking product lines Optimized for IT, Data Center, Embedded, HPC and Cloud Computing and Supporting 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors (Formerly codenamed Emerald Rapids)


A+ Server Solutions

The most comprehensive portfolio of AMD-based systems, including servers, storage, GPU-optimized, SuperBlade, and multi-node Twin solutions to exactly match system requirements to your workload


Supermicro New X14 Rack Scale Solutions

Rack scale solutions based on the new Supermicro X14 servers with Xeon 6 processors can cut power consumption in data centers by almost half. Collaboration between Supermicro and Intel helps customers save energy and significantly reduce their carbon footprint with liquid cooling solutions at rack scale deployments. Jerry Dien from Supermicro explains what makes Supermicro the industry leader in creating optimized Total IT Solutions at any scale.

Supermicro and Intel Reveal the Upcoming Xeon® 6 Processor

Supermicro and Intel show what the new Xeon 6 processor looks like and discuss the benefits this CPU will provide for customers. Ryan Tabrah explains how customers can optimize for their specific workloads with the Xeon 6 processor in systems delivered by Supermicro.

Supermicro New X14 Systems

Introducing new Supermicro X14 Systems, powered by the latest Xeon 6 processors from Intel. Ryan Tabrah, the VP and GM of Xeon 6 Xeon E-Core Products at Intel Corporation explains how the market needs are bifurcating resulting in Intel delivering both E-Cores and P-Cores, to address this new market evolution.

Supermicro X14 Portfolio of Customized Solutions

Supermicro new X14 solutions based on the Xeon 6 CPUs are the most flexible in the industry. Supermicro introduces new systems that are customized for each unique customer workload. This customization allows Supermicro to optimize solutions to meet specific user workload requirements bringing significant performance and efficiency benefits for cloud-native and scale-out workloads.

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Apr 9 - Apr 11, 2024

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