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Supermicro TECHTalk – X13 Servers and Upcoming 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors

Host Bob Moore is joined by Jerry Dien, Director of System Solutions at Supermicro and Gilberto Vargas, VP of Datacenter and AI Global Sales and Marketing at Intel to discuss how Supermicro X13 servers and the upcoming 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors can deliver unrivaled performance and efficiency across a broad spectrum workloads, helping organization maximize the benefits of their server infrastructure investment.

Supermicro Future Direction Based on the Intel Processor Roadmap

Supermicro is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and delivering a range of servers that address a wide range of workloads. Intel is a valuable partner of Supermicro and has publicly laid out a roadmap demonstrating the evolution of the data center. From general purpose CPUs, the latest (4th and 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors) offerings fit perfectly to the Accelerate Everything direction of Supermicro. It is now possible to design silicon that accelerates specific workloads, resulting in multiples of performance for these applications.

Supermicro continues to design, develop, and introduce systems that support our customers' need for accelerated performance and energy efficiency based on the new 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and beyond.


Performance Intensive Computing

The new 4th gen AMD EPYC 8004 family extends the ‘Zen4c’ core architecture into lower-count processors with TDP ranges as low as 80W. The processors are designed especially for edge-server deployments and form factors.


Supermicro Liquid Cooling Tower

The Supermicro Liquid Cooling Tower solution is versatile and energy efficient at removing the heat produced by today’s latest servers. The system is optimized to transport and remove the heat from today’s most powerful AI servers. Supermicro is pioneering a way to obtain a complete AI solution, from the servers to the cooling infrastructure.



​Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sep 15 - Sep 18, 2023

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