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Supermicro and Rakuten Symphony Extend Their Collaboration and Offer Complete 5G, Telco, and Edge Solutions For Cloud Based Open RAN Mobile Networks

With Rakuten Symphony, Flexible, Scalable, and Open Standards-Based 5G Networks Become Easier to Implement and Upgrade with Supermicro Application Optimized Servers

San Jose, Calif., and Barcelona, Spain -- February 28, 2023 – Supermicro, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a Total IT Solution Provider for Cloud, AI/ML, Storage, and 5G/Edge, is announcing a close collaboration with Rakuten Symphony to deliver the next generation of servers and storage systems, for a wide range of workloads. As a major collaborator with Rakuten Symphony, the two companies are providing blueprints to operators for cloud-based mobile services that utilize the most advanced servers and networking architecture, delivering an easy-to-implement solution for operators worldwide. In addition, Rakuten Symphony can quickly offer Open RAN solutions with timely technical support and consultancy.

Mobile operators worldwide face several challenges when adopting Open RAN, including building new high-performance networks from scratch, new types of components that require investments and time to familiarize with, a different way to scale and harden these networks, and weighing the tradeoffs between different technologies. With Rakuten Symphony, utilizing Supermicro pre-defined and tested servers, a highly performant, cost-effective, optimized, and secure solution is ready to deploy to meet the increasing move toward mobile communications and data generation at the network's edge. Supermicro's Building Block approach to server design enables a wide range of servers to be quickly certified and used for specific workloads.

"Supermicro is excited to support an industry leader, Rakuten, to deliver state-of-the-art servers and expertise to create a scalable and secure solution for today's edge requirements and the anticipated boom in edge communications over the next few years," said Charles Liang, president, and CEO Supermicro. "In addition, our application-optimized range of servers allows Rakuten Symphony to deliver specific and optimized solutions to customers worldwide. Our ability to be first-to-market with new technologies enables Supermicro to be a preferred supplier to Rakuten for their wide range of technology offerings."

"Rakuten Symphony is excited to work with Supermicro on bringing the next generation of high-performing Open RAN technologies to mobile operators worldwide," stated Tareq Amin, CEO of Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Symphony. "The combination of Rakuten Symphony software and integration expertise with Supermicros state-of-the-art servers ensures that customers will be able to deliver services on a timely basis."

The Supermicro edge and data center class of servers that Rakuten Symphony has selected for their Distributed Units (O-DU) and Centralized Units (O-CU) include:

  • O-CU : SYS-220U-TNR, 2U 2x E810 and 1x XXV710, Dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8358P CPUs w/ high flexibility and slot count, NUMA balanced architecture, full SW integration/management feature support.
  • O-DU : SYS-210TP-HPTR, 2U4N Intel Xeon Gold 6338N with 32 cores, 1x ACC100, and 1x XXV710 single socket w/ high density, ultra-low latency in packet processing.
  • O-DU : SYS-210P-FRDN6T, 2U Intel Xeon Gold 6338N with 32 cores, 1x ACC100 and 1x XXV710 single socket short depth, ultra-low latency in packet processing.

Rakuten Symphony will start offering Supermicro servers with 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors in the same footprint server as listed below:

Specific Supermicro X13 Products for the CU and DU:

To learn more about Supermicro’s X13 Products, please visit:

To learn more about Supermicro and Rakuten Symphony, please visit:

To learn more about the Supermicro and Rakuten Symphony Solution at MWC 2023, please visit the Supermicro/Rakuten Hall 5, Stand 5D66