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Reaching New Heights of Density and Power Efficiency

The full H13 line of AMD-based systems with the latest AMD EPYC 9004 & 8004 series processors featuring the new “Zen 4c” architecture and AMD 3D V-Cache Technology delivers unprecedented rack density and scalable performance with energy efficiency for a wide range of compute-intensive workloads.

Along with the current H13 portfolio, Supermicro together with AMD is introducing new additional H13 WIO, Hyper-U series, Storage, as well as AMD Ryzen–powered Tower and 8-node MicroCloud servers to deliver the most advanced workload-optimized servers for edge, cloud, AI, and high-performance computing.

Evolving Portfolio of H13 Systems Optimized for Cloud, AI and HPC Workloads

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Thumbnail for Episode 0: Intro/Overview H13 server powered by AMD EPYC


Linus Sebastian joins Supermicro to get a first look on their latest H13 server lineup powered by AMD EPYC™ 9004 series processors, and see firsthand what it means for these systems to be Better, Faster, Greener.

Thumbnail for Episode 1: CloudDC

Episode 1: CloudDC

Follow Linus and Clinton as they showcase Supermicro’s most versatile single-socket solution. The H13 CloudDC systems offer a cost-optimized solution with ultimate expandability for a wide range of web and cloud applications.

Thumbnail for Episode 2: Hyper

Episode 2: Hyper

What do you get when you take the CloudDC server and double it? With up to 24 PCIe Gen 5 Memory, CXL 1.1+ support, expansion slots for GPU and accelerators, Linus takes you inside the box of the H13 Hyper systems and its unparalleled versatility and performance.

Thumbnail for Episode 3: GrandTwin

Episode 3: GrandTwin®

Journey with Linus to discover incredible performance, density, and efficiency packed into every H13 GrandTwin® server, with up to 4x 96 core single processor nodes, shared power, shared cooling, and that’s not all…

Thumbnail for Episode 4: GPU Systems

Episode 4: GPU Systems

Linus goes face to face with the 8U uGPU system featuring 8x NVIDIA H100 GPUs, and the flexible 4U GPU systems offering maximum acceleration to tackle the most intensive HPC, AI, ML applications out there.

Thumbnail for Episode 5: AMD Rack Server

Episode 5: Rack Scale Integration and Deployment

Linus heads into the testing facilities to show you Supermicro’s rack scale integration from design to deployment, and what their L11 and L12 testing and validation offers.

H13 Generation with AMD EPYC™ 9004/8004 Series Processors

H13 8U Universal GPU System

H13 8U Universal GPU System


Propel AI/ML workloads with Dual 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors and the latest AMD Instinct MI300 series accelerators and NVIDIA HGX H100 8-GPU. They 8U 8-GPU system provides unparalleled I/O and thermal capacity. It supports 8 of 700W TDP GPUs with 8 of 400G networking to enable 1:1 GPU ratio to keep feeding deep learning models at massive scale.

H13 Quad APU with MI300A

H13 4U Quad APU with MI300A System


Supermicro’s air-cooled 4U and liquid-cooled 2U quad APU systems supporting AMD Instinct MI300A, which combine CPUs and GPUs, leverage Supermicro’s expertise in multiprocessor system architecture and cooling design finely-tuned to tackle the convergence of AI and HPC.

H13 4U GPU Optimized Systems

H13 4U GPU System

The Supermicro 4U GPU servers are 4U dual processor systems, supporting up to 10 FHFL double-width PCIe GPU cards, including the latest AMD Instinct MI200 Series and NVIDIA H100 GPUs. The 4U GPU-optimized systems provide maximum acceleration, flexibility, and balance for AI, deep learning, and HPC applications.

H13 WIO Systems

H13 1U WIO system

The Supermicro WIO systems are energy-efficient single socket servers that lower the operating costs for enterprise, telco, and edge applications. Powered by AMD EPYC™ 8004 series processors the WIO systems are designed for impressive performance balanced with cost and energy efficiency with TDP as low as 80W.

H13 Short-Depth Front I/O System

H13 Short Depth 1U Front I/O system

The short-depth front I/O system is a compact solution, ideal for Telco and Edge deployments with space and thermal limitations. Offering outstanding energy efficiency with AMD EPYC™ 8004 series processors, these systems are available in both AC and DC options and feature NEBS-compliant design.

H13 Hyper-U Systems

H13 1U Hyper-U System

The Supermicro Hyper-U Series Servers are single-socket servers that can power workloads with more cores than most 2-socket servers can. Supporting 12 memory channels in 24 DIMMs and up to 6TB memory, it is the ideal solution to tackle memory-intense and enterprise-focused workloads.

H13 Storage Systems

H13 1U All-Flash E3.S System

The Supermicro Petascale Storage Systems are industry-leading all-flash servers supporting 16 (7.5mm) EDSFF E3.S drives, or 8 E3.S (x4) drives and 4 CXL Type 3 devices allowing memory expansion for use cases such as in-memory database applications

H13 Multi-Node GrandTwin® Systems

H13 GrandTwin® System

The Supermicro GrandTwin® are the newest multi-node architecture solution with Front and Rear I/O, designed for maximum density and purpose-built for single-processor performance per node. The flexible modular design is optimized for a range of applications, with a front I/O option simplifying installation for space-constrained environments.

H13 Hyper Systems

H13 Hyper System

The Supermicro Hyper solutions are enterprise-focused servers built with versatility and performance. Uncompromised performance design with dual processors and 12 channel 24 DIMMs optimized for supporting the highest TDPs and offering a flexible range of computing, networking, storage, and I/O expansion capabilities.

H13 CloudDC Systems

H13 CloudDC System

The Supermicro CloudDC are single-socket servers optimized for I/O flexibility with many cloud-focused applications. Offering convenient serviceability with tool-less brackets, hot-swap drive trays, and redundant power supplies ensure rapid deployment and efficient maintenance in data centers.

H13 MicroCloud® System

H13 3U MicroCloud® High-Density Multi-Node System

Powered by AMD Ryzen™ 7000 series processors, the 3U, multi-node MicroCloud offers 8 nodes containing up to two NVMe U.2, as well as a single 8-lane PCIe 5.0 low-profile slot that can be used for GPU accelerators for Hosting, Cloud Gaming, Content Creation, and Virtual Private Servers.

H12 Systems, Powered by AMD EPYC™ 7003/7002 Series Processors

Choose from one of the most comprehensive lineups in the industry


  • Dual sockets and 32 DIMMs optimized for supporting the highest processor TDPs
  • Best-in-class server features including all NVMe, hybrid storage and low latency optimization
  • Vast networking and expansion possibilities with Ultra Riser card


  • World record performance with up to 17% uplift with AMD 3D V-Cache Technology on SPECjbb
  • Up to 20 hot-pluggable blades, integrated 200G HDR InfiniBand switch, and 4x 25GbE switches or pass-through modules
  • GPU blades supporting up to 20 AMD Instinct™ MI200/MI100 Series Accelerators

BigTwin® and TwinPro®

  • Highly configurable 2U 4-node systems
  • 2-socket with 16 DIMMs per node (BigTwin) or 1-socket with 8 DIMMs per node (TwinPro)
  • Flexible storage and I/O options including NVMe/SATA3 and SIOM networking


  • Highly configurable 4U, 4- and 8-node systems
  • 1-socket with 16 DIMMs per node
  • Flexible NVMe and SATA3 drive options with front or rear I/O


  • 1U or 2U 1-socket, 16 DIMMs with tool-less design for rapid deployment and easy maintenance
  • 12 (in 2U) or 10 (in 1U) SATA drive bays with optional NVMe support
  • 4 (in 2U), or 2 (in 1U) PCIe 4.0 x16 slots, as well as dual AIOM slots for flexible networking


  • Highly simplified 1- and 2-socket designs, 2U or mid-tower form factor
  • Up to 16 DIMMs, and flexible NVMe or SATA3 drive options
  • Built-in Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and Platinum-Level efficiency power supplies

Certain products may not be available in your region