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How it Works

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1. Select a System

Click the “Get Access” button above to browse our available systems, and select your preferred system and timeslot.
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2. Sign In

Log in with your Supermicro SSO account, or create a free account, to access the JumpStart program.
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3. Access

You will now have access to your system. We would love to receive your feedback on the program and will send you a survey once your access period is completed.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I access the JumpStart server?

Go to https://www.supermicro.com/sso/jumpstart and refer to the provided document and instruction that comes with server credentials.

How many sessions can I have open at once?

Currently, we are limiting the sessions to one VNC, one SSH, and one IPMI session per server.

What happens to the server after I am done with my demo?

The server is manually secure erased; the BIOS and firmware are reflashed; and the OS is re-installed with new credentials.

Is the server on a public IP address?

No. The server can reach out to the Internet to get files, but it is not directly addressable to the Internet. We are using the jump server as a proxy so you can get access to the server you are authorized on.

Should I do sensitive data processing on the demo server?

No; processing sensitive data on the demo server is expressly prohibited. Please refrain from using sensitive or confidential data, we strongly recommend using only anonymized data since this server may have different security policies than are required within your organization.

If we leave data on the server, will it be backed up?

No, we do not back up data on the demo servers. Servers are reset after each demo, and no backups are made. Please refrain from storing important or sensitive data on the demo platforms. It is essential to understand that data retention is your responsibility, and it is crucial to clear any data you input before the end of your access period.

If the standard JumpStart configuration does not meet your testing needs, please contact your Supermicro representative or the send us an email at FastTrack2SMC@supermicro.com to discuss your requirements and consider other options for providing you the required solution.

Disclaimer for Supermicro's "JumpStart" Online Access Tool

Participation in the JumpStart program is entirely voluntary and Supermicro reserves the right to revise, update, cancel or terminate the JumpStart program at any time, without prior notice and at its sole discretion. In addition, Supermicro reserves the right to disqualify any applicant from the JumpStart program. In recognition of demand fluctuations and service availability, access to the JumpStart program is based on a limited time offer, the terms of which are subject to Supermicro’s sole discretion. Supermicro may not be held liable based on any lack of availability of the program to the participants and is not liable for unfulfilled requests from participants.

    By accessing JumpStart, you expressly acknowledge and agree to the following terms:
  1. Data Usage: You expressly agree not to use sensitive or confidential data, including but not limited to personal identifiable information (PII), financial information, health information, or any data protected by applicable laws or regulations, when using JumpStart. It is essential to recognize that JumpStart is intended solely for testing and demonstration purposes. You must ensure that any data you use is non-sensitive and in compliance with all relevant laws.
  2. No Data Liability: You understand and agree that Supermicro bears no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any data used during your use of JumpStart. You are entirely responsible for any data you input into JumpStart and any potential consequences that may result from such usage.
  3. Data Deletion Responsibility: You acknowledge and accept that you are solely responsible for deleting and clearing any data you have input into JumpStart before the end of your access period. Supermicro will not be held liable for any data remaining in the system beyond your access period.
  4. Performance Variability: Performance of JumpStart may vary and is not guaranteed. Supermicro cannot assure consistent performance due to various factors that may impact the service. Supermicro cannot be held liable for damages under any circumstances arising from performance variability. By participating in the JumpStart program, you are expressly agreeing that Supermicro bears no responsibility for any issues arising from performance variability.
  5. Data Usage Information: For details on how your data is being used, and information on how to opt out or unsubscribe, please refer to our Privacy Terms
  6. Data Consent: By ticking the box below, you consent to the data submitted in this application being used to process your request for access to the JumpStart program.