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AMD & Supermicro CEOs – Future of Data Center Computing

AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su and Supermicro CEO, Charles Liang, discuss current and future trends in data center computing infrastructure. As Supermicro launches a broad portfolio of versatile, fast, and efficient building block systems optimized for advanced data center workloads, Charles and Lisa talk with Timothy Prickett Morgan about how the all new AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series Processors will impact data center performance and efficiency.


Dallas, TX
Nov 13 - Nov 18, 2022

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Supermicro Rack Scale Integration & Deployment ft. @Linus Tech Tips

Linus heads into the testing facilities to show you Supermicro’s rack scale integration from design to deployment, and what their L11 and L12 testing and validation offers.

Supermicro’s H13 GPU Systems ft. @Linus Tech Tips

Linus goes face to face with the 8U uGPU system featuring 8x NVIDIA H100 GPUs, and the flexible 4U GPU systems offering maximum acceleration to tackle the most intensive HPC, AI, ML applications out there.

Supermicro’s H13 GrandTwin® ft. @Linus Tech Tips

Journey with Linus to discover incredible performance, density, and efficiency packed into every H13 GrandTwin® server, with up to 4x 96 core single processor nodes, shared power, shared cooling, and that’s not all…

Supermicro’s H13 Hyper ft. @Linus Tech Tips

What do you get when you take the CloudDC server and double it? With up to 24 PCIe Gen 5 Memory, CXL 1.1+ support, expansion slots for GPU and accelerators @Linus Tech Tips takes you inside the box of the H13 Hyper systems and its unparallel versatility and performance.