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First look at the new Supermicro E302-12D (Ice Lake D)

The Intel Xeon D embedded SoC product line is an amazing platform and has been extremely popular amongst VMware customers for VMware Homelabs and running workloads both in the Datacenter and at the Edge using kits like the Supermicro E200-8D and E300-9D to just name a few.


Supermicro SuperMinute: SuperEdge

Achieve optimum density in a multi-node edge rackmount platform with the Supermicro SuperEdge. Designed for 5G, IoT and edge applications, the Supermicro SuperEdge is a short-depth, multi-node server that provides high density and rich I/O for network edge, retail or field locations where small form factors are desired.

Supermicro Solutions for the MemVerge® Memory Machine™

Supermicro and MemVerge are working together to pioneer Big Memory Computing for a multi-cloud world. MemVerge® Memory Machine™ delivers software-defined, composable memory and intelligent memory service to bridge these gaps. As a software leader in the CXL ecosystem, MemVerge composable memory technology provisions, tiers, disaggregates, and pools heterogeneous memory to scale memory capacity and decrease memory cost.


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