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Why Supermicro for On-Prem Data Centers

Data centers have become the primary repository for corporate data. While the location of data and the associated storage and computing capabilities may vary, many organizations, for various reasons, are implementing a cloud-based data center within their “four walls.” Supermicro servers and storage systems are ideal for creating an on-premise cloud.

Supermicro 1024US-TRT Server Review: 128 Cores in a 1U Chassis

The push for enhanced compute density continues, and servers like Supermicro's 1024US-TRT, which hails from the company's 'A+ Ultra' family, are designed to answer that call with generous compute capabilities paired with copious connectivity options.


Supermicro IP65 Pole Mount Systems Updated with Intel Xeon D

This week at Embedded World 2022, Supermicro introduced an update to a solution that we have taken a look at before. The company announced that it has updated its pole-mounted system dubbed the Supermicro IP65 Outdoor Edge system with the new Intel Xeon parts including Xeon D.


Supermicro Servers Enable Extremely low PUE for GleSYS Data Centers

GleSYS delivers cloud computing solutions, while reducing effect on the environment, by leveraging Supermicro servers that enable extremely low PUE for Data Centers.