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Supermicro TECHTalk: New Media Processing Solutions Based on Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series

Watch as our product experts discuss the new Supermicro solutions based on the just announced Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series. Learn how these solutions can help benefit you and your company.

Delivering Scalable Cloud-Gaming

Supermicro Systems with Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series

Supermicro offers all the system components for cloud service providers to build green, cost-effective, and profitable cloud gaming infrastructure.


Innovative Solutions for Cloud Gaming, Media, Transcoding, & AI Inferencing

Sep 08 2022, 10:00am PDT

Supermicro and Intel product and solution experts will discuss, in an informal session, the benefits of the solutions in the areas of Cloud Gaming, Media Delivery, Transcoding, and AI Inferencing using the recently announced Intel Flex Series GPUs. The webinar will explain the advantages of the Supermicro solutions, the ideal servers and the benefits of using the Intel Flex Series GPUs.


I hope you don't need internet.... - Server Room Upgrade

what's this box from Supermicro? It is sys-110d-20c-frdn8tp! Since when does Supermicro makes routers? ... Since a long time actually. What are you planning to do with that? Go fast! This router has dual 25 gig which is pretty cool. Also there are 20 cores in this router. This will still be running 10 - 15 year from now.


We’re running out of internet

This is a lot more than the 2Gb Internet connection we got! We deployed Supermicro 510P-WTR server for LAN cashing. 510P-TWR absolutely saved our bacon and the CPU usage is not even that high. It is surprising how easily 510P-WTR handled the download speeds with just a couple of NVMe drives.