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Delivering Scalable Cloud-Gaming

Supermicro Systems with Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series

Supermicro offers all the system components for cloud service providers to build green, cost-effective, and profitable cloud gaming infrastructure.


Enabling The Next Frontier Of Life Sciences Breakthroughs

Life Science and Bioinformatics organizations pursue their research objectives in myriad ways. However, they are all characterized by massive volumes of machine-generated file data pipelined into downstream processes for analysis. The need for efficient, high-performance processing of file-based data is at the heart of innovation and discovery in life sciences.


Supermicro Solutions for the MemVerge® Memory Machine™

Supermicro and MemVerge are working together to pioneer Big Memory Computing for a multi-cloud world. MemVerge® Memory Machine™ delivers software-defined, composable memory and intelligent memory service to bridge these gaps. As a software leader in the CXL ecosystem, MemVerge composable memory technology provisions, tiers, disaggregates, and pools heterogeneous memory to scale memory capacity and decrease memory cost.