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BMC Unique Password Security Feature, November 2019

Beginning November 2019, Supermicro will begin implementing a new security feature for the BMC firmware stack on all new X10, X11, H11, H12, and all future generation Supermicro products. Supermicro will no longer use the default password “ADMIN” for new devices or systems. All affected systems will begin to ship with a “Unique Pre-Programmed Password” for user admin on every hardware device with BMC.

Supermicro will include a notice in the plastic wrap for affected systems on the top of the server. Additionally, the shipping label will have an identifier that the system has been preset with a unique password.

For more information about the implementation of the BMC unique password and how to locate, please view the BMC Unique Password Guide.

In addition to the stickers placed on the products, Supermicro will be providing the BMC firmware that supports the unique password implementation.

Supermicro has a sample Python script that will allow you to either reset your BMC unique password to “ADMIN” or change it to the one of your choice. Please click here to accept user agreement and download the scripts.