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Supermicro Lot 9 Compliance


The EU (European Union) Eco-design Regulation on servers and data storage products comes into effect March 1, 2020. The Regulation applies only to complete servers and storage systems. Manufacturers may not place systems into the EU market with the CE label unless meeting the regulation’s requirements. Please find the regulation here.


Supermicro will comply with each of the Regulation’s requirements:

  • Minimum PSU efficiency and power factor limits.
  • Material ease of disassembly for recycling, repair or reuse.
  • Availability of a secure data deletion tool.
  • Availability of firmware, including security updates. (After March 2021)
  • Specific information about energy use and operating conditions on manufacturer website.
  • Specific information on product recyclability on manufacturer website.

Location of Product Compliance Information:

On this website Supermicro provides a manual for each product available for sale. To find, either enter the product number into the search function, or navigate from “Products” on the website menu. From the product page, click on “Manuals” to find the Lot 9 Addendum where compliance information is found.

Quick Link to Secure Data Deletion:

Secure data deletion means effective erasure of all traces of existing data from a data storage device, overwriting the data completely in such a way that access to the original data, or parts of them, becomes infeasible for a given level of effort.

Supermicro systems offer two ways to accomplish secure data deletion:

  1. Erase Utility provided by Supermicro
  2. Erase Utilities provided by third-party vendors
1.UEFI Shell Utility Provided by Supermicro

UEFI Shell Utility is available on March 1, 2020, and can be downloaded from Supermicro.

Please click here to download the Secure Erase Utility.
Please click here to download instructions on how to operate the Erase Utility.

2.Erase Utilities provided by third-party vendors

Please contact the manufacturer of your storage device to obtain the deletion utility matching that device.

Certain products may not be available in your region