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AMD Security Bulletin AMD-SB-7005

Vulnerability Disclosure:

Supermicro is aware of the Return Address Predictor, a side channel vulnerability, also known as "INCEPTION." This issue affects AMD EPYC™ 3rd Gen and 4th Gen Processors.


  • CVE-2023-20569
  • Severity: Medium


A side channel attack known as ‘Inception’ may allow an attacker to influence branch prediction, potentially leading to information disclosure.

Affected products:

Supermicro BIOS in the H12 and select H13 motherboards


  • All affected Supermicro motherboard SKUs will require a BIOS update to mitigate this potential vulnerability.
  • An updated BIOS firmware had been created to mitigate this potential vulnerability. Supermicro is currently testing and validating affected products. Please check Release Notes for the resolution.

Certain products may not be available in your region