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Supermicro SuperDoctor®

SD5 monitors target nodes hardware's system health or availability in data centers in real-time and provide alerts to administrators.

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SuperDoctor 5 (SD5) version 5.7.0
Document for Large Deployment of SuperDoctor 5 on Windows

SuperDoctor® 5


SuperDoctor® 5 Key Benefits and Features [ top ]

  • Supports monitoring, control, and management functions.
    - Hardware Monitoring: fan speed, temperature, voltage, chassis intrusion, redundant power failure, power consumption, disk health, raid health, and memory health.
    - 20 Types of system information: BIOS, Baseboard, Chassis, Computer System, Disk Drives, Memory, Network, Printer, Processor, System Slot, IPMI, Power Supply, Account, Operating System, Process, Service, Share, Time Zone, OEM Strings, and System Cfg Options.

  • Provides SNMP extensions for network management system.

  • Easy to use Web-based and command line interfaces.

  • Notifications sent via email and SNMP traps.

  • Easy to customize:
    - Pluggable hardware and software monitoring plug-ins.
    - Compatible with Nagios plug-ins.

  • Supports Windows and Linux platforms.

SuperDoctor® 5 Key Features: [ top ]

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