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Intel Security Vulnerabilities Regarding Intel® Management Engine (ME), Intel® Server Platform Services (SPS), and Intel® Trusted Execution Engine (TXE)

Intel has issued a security notice (INTEL-SA-00086) for select systems that use Intel® Management Engine (ME), Intel® Server Platform Services (SPS), and Intel® Trusted Execution Engine (TXE) with the objective of enhancing firmware resilience. As a result, Intel has identified security vulnerabilities that could potentially place impacted platforms at risk.

There are two options to determine if your system is impacted.

  1. You can run the tool that Intel provides for detection (Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool)
  2. Refer to the table below to identify your system and associated Motherboard.

To update your systems, navigate to the web page for the associated motherboard and update to the BIOS specified below.

Please use SUM 2.0.0 (20171108) for Purley platforms and SUM 2.0.1 for Apollolake and Denverton platforms. Not using the above versions to update BIOS revisions may hang the system after downgrades.

The following X11 generation Supermicro Motherboards are impacted by this issue.
Additional systems will be added to this list as information becomes available.

Dual Processor (2S) X11 Systems

All X11 Systems need to be updated to version 2.0 or greater of BIOS

Motherboard BIOS Status Related Systems
X11DAi-N v 2.0 SYS-7039A-I, SYS-7049A-T
X11DPH-Tq v 2.0a n/a
X11DPH-i v 2.0a n/a
X11DPH-T v 2.0a SSG-2029P-E1CR24H, SSG-2029P-E1CR24L, SSG-6029P-E1CR12H,
SSG-6029P-E1CR12L, SSG-6029P-E1CR12T, SSG-2029P-ACR24H,
SSG-2029P-ACR24L, SSG-6029P-E1CR16T, SSG-6039P-E1CR16H,
SSG-6039P-E1CR16L, SSG-6049P-E1CR24L, SSG-6049P-E1CR24H,
SSG-6049P-E1CR36H, SSG-6049P-E1CR36L
X11DDW-NT v 2.0a SYS-1029P-WTRT, SYS-6029P-WTRT
X11DDW-L v 2.0a SYS-1029P-WT, SYS-1029P-WTR, SYS-6019P-WT,
SYS-6019P-WTR, SYS-6019P-WT8, SYS-6029P-WTR
X11DPFR-SN v 2.0 SYS-F619P2-RTN, SYS-F619P2-RC0, SYS-F619P2-RC1,
SYS-F629P3-RC0B, SYS-F629P3-RC0B, SYS-F629P3-RC1B,
X11DPFR-S v 2.0 SYS-F619P2-RT, SYS-F629P3-RTB
X11DPT-PS v 2.0 SYS-2029TP-HTR, SYS-2029TP-HC0R, SYS-2029TP-HC1R,
SYS-6029TP-HTR, SYS-6029TP-HC1R, SYS-6029TP-HC0R
X11DPT-B v 2.0 SYS-2029BT-HNR, SYS-2029BT-HTR, SYS-2029BT-DNC0R,
X11DPU v 2.0a SYS-2029U-TN24R4T, SYS-2029U-TR4, SYS-2029U-TRT,
SYS-2029U-TRTP, SYS-2029U-TR25M, SYS-6029U-TR25M,
SYS-6029U-TR4, SYS-6029U-TR4T, SYS-6029U-TRT,
SYS-6029U-TRTP, SYS-2029U-TR4T, SYS-2029U-E1CR4,
SYS-6029U-E1CR25M, SYS-2029U-E1CRTP, SYS-2029U-E1CR25M,
SYS-6029U-E1CRT, SYS-6029U-E1CRTP, SYS-2029U-E1CR4T,
SYS-6029U-E1CR4T, SYS-6029U-E1CR4, SYS-2029U-E1CRT,
SYS-1029U-TR4, SYS-6019U-TR4, SYS-1029U-E1CR4,
SYS-6019U-TR4T, SYS-6019U-TN4RT, SYS-6019U-TRTP2,
SYS-6019U-TRT, SYS-6019U-TRTP, SYS-6019U-TR25M,
SYS-1029U-TN10RT, SYS-1029U-E1CR4T, SYS-1029U-E1CRT,
SYS-1029U-E1CRTP, SYS-1029U-E1CRTP2, SYS-1029U-E1CR25M,
SYS-1029U-TRT, SYS-1029U-TR4T, SYS-1029U-TRTP,
SYS-1029U-TRTP2, SYS-1029U-TR25M, SYS-6019U-TN4R4T
X11DPU-XLL v 2.0 SYS-1029UX-LL1-S16, SYS-1029UX-LL2-S16
X11DPU-Z+ v 2.0 SYS-6029UZ-TR4+, SYS-2029UZ-TR4+, SYS-1029UZ-TN20R25M,
X11DPG-SN v 2.0 SYS-2029GP-TR, SYS-1029GP-TR
X11DPG-QT v 2.0 SYS-7049GP-TRT
X11DPi-NT v 2.0a SYS-6029P-TRT, SYS-7049P-TRT, SYS-2029P-C1RT
X11DPi-N v 2.0a SYS-6029P-TR, SYS-7049P-TR, SYS-2029P-C1R
X11DPL-I v 2.0 SYS-1029P-MT, SYS-1029P-MTR, SYS-6019P-MT,

Single Processor (1P) X11 Systems

Motherboard BIOS Status Related Systems
X11SPi-TF v 2.0a SYS-5019P-MT, SYS-5019P-MTR
X11SPL-F v 2.0a n/a
X11SPM-F v 2.0a SYS-5019P-M
X11SPM-TF v 2.0a n/a
X11SPM-TPF v 2.0a n/a
X11SPH-nCTF v 2.0a SSG-5029P-E1CTR12L, SSG-5049P-E1CTR36L
X11SPH-nCTPF v 2.0a n/a
X11SPW-TF v 1.0a SYS-5019P-WT, SYS-5019P-WTR, SYS-5029P-WTR,
X11SPW-CTF v 1.0a n/a
X11SPG-TF v 1.0a SYS-5019GP-TT, SYS-1019GP-TT
Motherboard BIOS Status Related Systems
X11SSL-F v 2.0c SYS-5019S-L, SYS-5039D-i
v 2.0c n/a
X11SSH-F v 2.0c SYS-5019S-M, SYS-5019S-MR, SYS-5019S-ML
X11SSH-LN4F v 2.0c SYS-5019S-MN4
X11SSW-4TF v 2.0b SYS-5019S-W4TR
X11SSW-TF v 2.0b n/a
X11SSA-F v 2.0c n/a
X11SSi-LN4F v 2.0c n/a
X11SSW-F v 2.0c SYS-5019S-WR, SYS-1019S-WR
X11SSH-TF v 2.0b SYS-5019S-MT
X11SSH-CTF v 2.0b SYS-1019S-MC0T
X11SSL-CF v 2.0c n/a
X11SSL-nF v 2.0c n/a
X11SSH-GF-1585 v 1.0b n/a
X11SSH-GF-1585L v 1.0b SYS-5019S-M-G1585L, SYS-5019S-MR-G1585L
X11SSH-GTF-1585 v 1.0b n/a
X11SSH-GTF-1585L v 1.0b n/a

Multi-Processor X11 Motherboards

Motherboard BIOS Status Related Systems
X11QPH+ v 2.0a SYS-2049U-TR4
X11OPi-CPU v 2.0a SYS-7089P-TR4T

Embedded, Workstation and Desktop Systems

  • 次のプロセッサーを使用するすべてのシステムにおいてBIOSを更新する必要があります。
  • 6th, 7th & 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
  • Intel® Xeon® Processor W Family
  • Intel® Atom® C3000 Processor Family
  • Apollo Lake Intel® Atom Processor E3900 series
  • Apollo Lake Intel® Pentium™
Motherboard BIOS Status Related Systems
X11SAE v 2.2 SYS-5039A-IL
X11SAE-F v 2.2 n/a
X11SAE-M v 2.2 n/a
X11SAT v 2.0c n/a
X11SAT-F v 2.0c n/a
X11SRA v 1.1 SYS-5039A-I
X11SRA-F v 1.1 n/a
X11SRA-RF v 1.1 n/a
C7Z370-CG-IW v 1.0 n/a
C7Z370-CG-L v 1.0a n/a
X11SSV-Q v 2.0c SYS-5029S-TN2
X11SSV-LVDS v 2.0c n/a
A2SAN-E v 1.0b SYS-E100-9AP, SYS-E100-9AP-IA
A2SAN-H v 1.0b n/a
A2SAN-L v 1.0b n/a
X11SAN v 1.0b SYS-E100-9APP
A2SDi-2C-HLN4F v 1.0a SYS-5029A-2TN4
A2SDi-4C-HLN4F v 1.0a SYS-E200-9A
A2SDi-8C-HLN4F v 1.0a SYS-5019A-FTN4
A2SDi-8C+-HLN4F v 1.0a n/a
A2SDi-12C-HLN4F v 1.0a n/a
A2SDi-16C-HLN4F v 1.0a n/a
A2SDi-H-TF v 1.0a n/a
A2SDi-H-TP4F v 1.0a n/a
A2SDi-LN4F v 1.0a SYS-5019A-12TN4
A2SDi-TP8F v 1.0a SYS-E300-9A
X11SSZ-QF v 2.0c SYS-1019S-M2
X11SSZ-F v 2.0c SYS-5019S-M2
X11SSZ-TLN4F v 2.0c n/a
X11SSQ v 2.0c n/a
X11SSQ-L v 2.0c n/a
X11SSV-M4 v 1.0b SYS-1019S-MP
X11SSV-M4F v 1.0b SYS-5019S-TN4
A2SAV v 1.0b SYS-5029AP-TN2
A2SAV-L v 1.0b SYS-E200-9AP
X11SSA v 2.0c n/a
C9X299-PGF v 1.1
C9X299-RPGF v 1.1
C7X99-OCE v 2.1
C7X99-OCE-F v 2.1
C7Z370-CG-IW v 1.0b
C7Z370-CG-L v1.0a n/a
C7Z270-PG v 1.2
C7Z270-CG v 1.2
C7Z270-CG-L v 1.2
C7B250-CB-ML v 1.2 SYS-5130DB-IL
C7B250-CB-MK v 1.2 n/a
C7Z270-CG-M v 1.2
C7H270-CG-ML v 1.2 n/a
C7Q270-CB-ML v 1.2 SYS-5130DQ-IL
C7Z170-OCE v 2.1
C7Z170-SQ v 2.1
C7Z170-M v 2.1
C7H170-M v 2.1