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SuperServer Automation Assistant (SAA)

SuperServer Automation Assistant (SAA) is the powerful CLI (Command-Line Interface) based utility that eases the management effort for IT Administrator to easily deploy, configure, and update the managed systems from single node to datacenter scale.

SuperServer Automation Assistant (SAA)SuperServer Automation Assistant (SAA) Diagram

SAA is the new generation of all-in-one CLI utility that consolidates all Supermicro CLI-based software features, simplifying the software stack integration.

* For legacy SUM utility, please refer to the link - HERE

Feature Highlights

  • In-Band/Out-of-Band/Remote-In-Band, single/multiple node and operation
  • BIOS, BMC, CMM, CPLD, storage, PSU, and other peripheral firmware management capabilities
  • Parallel management and configuration on multiple systems
  • Extended features of asset management, system utilization, sensor information, BIOS/BMC event logs, and TPM provisioning
  • Single CLI utility for ease of integration into users' software stack and scripting


  • Interface: Command line
  • Supported OS: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, ESXi 7.0/8.0, Linux AArch64, UEFI*
  • License Requirements:
    • Standard Update/Management: No license required
    • Basic Remote Management: SFT-OOB-LIC
    • Advanced Full Features: SFT-DCMS-SINGLE

*Essential Features only for UEFI version.

Local Host Single Node In-Band
SuperServer Automation Assistant (SAA) Local Host
Remote Single Node Out-of-Band
SuperServer Automation Assistant (SAA) Remote Single Node
Remote Multi-Node Out-of-Band
SuperServer Automation Assistant (SAA) Multiple Nodes

SuperServer Automation Assistant (SAA) Function Group

License Management

Health Management

System Management

BIOS Management

BMC Management

System Event Log

CMM Management

Storage Management

Power Management

PCIe-Switch Management

(Management commands)

GPU Management

CPLD Management

NIC Management

Multi-Node Management

VM Management

NM Management

Security Management

FPGA Management

MCU Management


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